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Picture Credit:  Gedalya Krycer Designs

Picture Credit: Gedalya Krycer Designs

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re enjoying your awesome holiday weekend so far.

For those of you who don’t know I’m actually from Warren, Michigan. I spent most of my life there, moved to California for 5 years and then moved here to Vegas. When I first moved here, I didn’t think at all that I would find Vegas as homey as San Diego or Warren. When I think Vegas, I think of the Strip. I think of bright lights, luxury everything, the clubs, the restaurants and outrageous people and partying. Not really a place I would initially call home, but ironically I’ve been able to find comfort here. Granted, I think it’s amazing that I get to say I live in Vegas and that I work on the strip, but I have found that Vegas is more than the shimmering lights and grand hotels and eateries.

One of my favorite things about living in this city is the nature. Everywhere I drive, I see a mountain beyond the road. It’s refreshing and breathtaking to be able to get in my car and see that. I live down the road from Red Rock Mountains, which I’ve wrote about here, here and here. I’ve gushed about my awesome date with Gman up at Mt. Charleston.

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Now, I want to highlight one of the best spots in Vegas that I’ve only recently been to, the Historic Railroad Trail at Lake Mead. This historical national area is about 3.7 miles long, has 5 train tunnels you can walk, run or bike through and overlooks Lake Mead from a distance of 1500 – 2000 ft above Lake Mead.

The gorgeous views and the historical ties with Hoover Dam makes this trail not only unique, but an unforgettable Las Vegas experience down for the books.

Check out the pictures below from my recent trip with Gman (credit goes to him for taking these amazing photos as I ran around enjoying the wind and sun).


Thanks for reading this post guys! If you're local or coming to Vegas soon, make sure you snag the best deals in Vegas for off/on strip attractions, hotels, and more. :)

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