G & G Adventures: Red Rock Mountains

Hi, all!

In honor or #FlashbackFriday, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to when Gedalya and I did our first hiking trip together as a couple.

When we first started dating, I gave Gedalya a notebook I received from a buyers convention here in Vegas. He ended up using that notebook as our little journal to create a our very own Bucket List. We wrote so many things like eat ice cream together (Coldstone, to be exact), watch a the last five Harry Potter movies together, have breakfast for dinner, go to the gym and do a full workout together, sit and read separate books together...etc. etc. Super coupley, mushy gushy activities, but we are in love and it's what mushy gushy couples who are in love do. 

One of the things we listed was to go hiking together. I am happy to say that after 2 and half years together, we can finally cross that activity off our bucket list.

We ended up going to the Red Rock Mountains here in Vegas, which is basically down the road from us. Since going hiking was a spur of the moment idea, we picked one of the easy-moderate trails, which is the Calico Basin 1 and 2. It took up most of our day, but it was SO nice to just disconnect from the city, hang out with each other and spend some time in nature. Since we both spend most of our work times sitting in front of computers all day, we felt so refreshed and relaxed being active all day. 

See some pics from our trip below...

Hope you guys have an adventurous and relaxing weekend !!!