Mt. Charleston // G & G Adventures

My beautiful beautiful readers !

I've been so caught up lately. I've been working, working, working and I've had such tunnel vision with all THAT. You guys already know I overwork myself, but have been trying to find a nice balance between work and play. And one of the best ways to play is to take a spontaneous ride to the great outdoors. Beyond the city of Vegas, there are so many beautiful places to drive to and bask in all of this desert land's glorious nature. Gman and I have been itching to go to Mt. Charleston to see the snow and just get away from the city. The drive was about 45 minutes total, but I enjoy long car rides and it was nice to talk with Gman along the way. 

The view of the mountains, trees and snow was EVERRRYTTTTHINNNG. After living in Vegas for 5 years, I've forgotten what it's like to feel the winter chill in the air and ACTUALLY see snow up close and personal. The best word to describe it all was COLD. Lol. But in all seriousness, the view just stunned us. We don't see places like these everyday and it was in that moment I remembered that our world is so much more than work, computers, city life and all that jazz. There's the rawness of the nature just out here for us to explore. I absolutely loved it all.

Aside from gawking at the view, Gman and I spent most of the time enjoying each other's company, walking around and eating at the Mt. Charleston Lodge Restaurant. The place has a great view of the houses that are built on the mountain. The view is nice, almost like a page from a storybook.

Gman and I ate good food though! He had a BBQ burger (of course) and I had a pizza (of course). G said the burger was really good and that the fries that came on the side were nice and crunchy. I thought the pizza was good too. It's large enough to share, that's for sure. We sat by the fireplace the restaurant has and it made the ambiance of being in a lodge at the top of the mountains even more satisfying.

Our day trip to the mountains was a nice date away from our usual neighborhood spots. Since we both work a ton, we thoroughly enjoyed the time we had there. I'm excited to go back again soon. Gman said he wants to go hiking, but maybe when it'd not so cold. LOL!

Happpyyyy Monday Xo