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Growing up, I was allergic to everrytttthingggg! Food wise, you name it: Diary, meats, breads, sweets…it was the worst. I would break out into hives and was constantly getting sick that I would have to take a medication almost everyday to stop stomach aches. As I grew into my teenage years, my face would break out badly whenever I ate junk food or didn’t put a specific lotion on my skin.

Thankfully, I’ve grown out of most of my allergies, but still tend to breakout on my face due to food, stress, or lack of sleep. I try to be very simple with me skincare routine because I still have sensitive skin. I usually stay away from moisturizers because they tend to make my skin even oilier. I use certain make-up brands and have become a bit more cautious about ingredients.

I stumbled upon MooGoo and found that they were a sustainable brand, making all natural & eco-friendly skin care products. The company is known for their practice to use healthy ingredients and don’t use anything they wouldn’t use themselves. This Australian company carries a range of natural products that are gentle, yet effective in what they are made to do. Best part is, the products are affordable. Music to the ears of a ballaaaa on a budget! (That’s me, if you’re wondering….)

I had the chance to use a few awesome products from the MooGoo line:


Soothing MSM Cream

Last month, I was breaking out under the chin and jaw lines. Like I said, I’m bad with moisturizer, so it turned out this part of my face really need some nourishment. I started using this on my face at night after washing my face and before bed time, especially in the dry patches I had under my jaw and chin. With some help from Clearasil cream and using this product at night, my breakouts stopped and skin in this specific area of my face is now healed. MSM cream has become part of my nightly routine. It’s light, moisturizing and although it has multiple oils in it (almond oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, fruit oil & olive oil), it doesn’t feel gross and oily when I use it.


Dusty Girls Bronzer and “Pink Ladies” Blush

My favorite things about these two products are that they’re build-able in color and are filled with subtle hits of glitter. I’m pretty partial to a blush I use from Too-faced cosmetics and I don’t usually use a lot of bronzer in general. After trying these two products together, I found that it was a great combination. The pink goes on pretty light at first, but after a few swipes on the apples of my cheek, they give a nice natural flush. I used the bronzer as a light contour on my face and I loved how the product's shimmer gleamed on my face. I'm always a bit hesitant with glittery product on my skin (I'm all for it on my eyelids though). I say this because I tend to get oily throughout the day. However, I really loved this product :)


Argyle Pink Natural Mineral Lip Shine

One thing I love about this product is that it goes on smooth and buttery on my lips. I will say though, I expected the color to be a lot darker because of how it looks in the tube, but this product actually went on very lightly. Overall, I would probably use this product if I was going for a more natural look during my downtime, even though I'm more partial to a brighter lip color. 


See below pics of lil' ol me and when I used these products on two different days. Both looks ended up being very natural looks, which was nice for a change!

To see more products from MooGoo Skincare, check out their website and IG account

Love you guys Xo