Nomadic Vibes & Mountains Pt. 1 // Fashion Favorites

Hi guys!!!

I'm currently sitting and day dreaming about the weekend as I type away on this gloomy day here in Vegas. I'm pretty much over the cold weather and am ready for the heat (And watch me say the opposite once it starts to get HOT. Lol) 

Lately, I've been working a bunch and took some time off from writing on DizzySpangle for a week. BUT! I am so stoked to show you guys all the awesome stuff I've been working on with Gman ! Having him as my partner crime is always a blast. It also helps that he's super talented and quite the visionary, so I'm super grateful that I get a boyfriend/awesome graphic designer/photographer all in 1 neat Gman package. He just worked on his behance page so you best check it out here. (Sorry, having a proud girlfriend moment) <3

Sooooooooooooooo, as you all know, Gman and I love going to Red Rock and getting away from the city when we have the opportunity to. I prefer to go when it's not too hot, but I've never went to Red Rock in the winter time. We made a visit the other day and just marveled at all of mother nature's glory.

I wanted to share this modern nomadic inspired look. I am a sucker for warm knits and long flowy dresses. For me, this look is equivalent to a comfy shirt and jeans. I feel more in my element when I wear this combo. Call me crazy if you dare, but comfort is different for everyone.

Belt - Wink Gal (See Amazon link below)

Belt - Wink Gal (See Amazon link below)

Would my knit and flowy dress combo look be complete without a belt? I DARE SAY NOT! I find that because this knit sweater is a tad bit larger on lil' ol me, belting it helps me move around a lot better in it. Also, this belt has the perfect embellishments on it to really pull the look together. The most unique aspect of it is the detailing in the metal and the double buckles.

This dress...okay, you guys might hate me, but I just wanted to do a bit a teaser with this dress and show different ways to wear it, hence the sweater combo. You'll just have to wait for part 2 of this entry ;)

Sweater - American Eagle  ; Dress - R. Vivimos on Amazon (See Amazon link below)&nbsp;

Sweater - American Eagle ; Dress - R. Vivimos on Amazon (See Amazon link below) 

If you like this look, check out the links below to the dress and belt. I got them off Amazon for affordable prices. CAN YOU SAY SCORE?! :)

Love you guys. Thanks for reading!