WWD MAGIC 2014: Fashion Snoops- Part 2 (Men's Wear)


While my friends and I were at MAGIC, we attended a seminar hosted by Fashion Snoops, one of the best global trend research companies in the business. They forecast trends for the next seasons and create reports to share with everyone in the fashion industry. In my last post, I went over the trend forecasts for women's wear from Fall/Winter 2015/2016. In this post, I will go over the trends for men's wear! The three themes they went over for men's wear were:

  • Build
  • East Scotch
  • Night Camp
  • Nordic Saga

Since I wasn't able to find the slideshow for this part of the presentation,  I'm using images directly from Fashion Snoops' Pinterests boards where they've pinned images that inspire every theme. The link for the boards are posted underneath all of the pictures below. Also, I've posted video links that direct you to mood videos made by Fashion Snoops that capture the essence of each theme along with the notes I took from the seminar.

BUILDThis whole theme was inspired by architecture icons like Frank Llyod Wright and Phillip Johnson, hence the name "Build". The color story includes calm cool colors like blues, grays, browns, and blacks. This look takes really polished lines and mashes them with modern casual elements for a whole new perspective on classic silhouettes.This look is about taking different patterns and textures and mixing them together in order to create a whole new look. Build Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com/mistermf/mens-build-fw-1516-forecast-story/ Build Mood Video: http://vimeo.com/95970175


EAST SCOTCH- Fashion Snoops says East Scotch is a combination of "classicism and rebellion". Think hipster biker guy meets brooding poet. The color palette for this look was inspired by the surroundings of a gentlemen's club: cognac, scotch, flannel gray, slate, navy blue, black, scarlet red, and redcast brown. This look includes patterned mismatched suits, tweed suit jackets and outerwear, cuffed pants, moto jackets, vest,  and rolled sleeves. This look basically says, "I'm in a suit, but I'll still kick your butt!" East Scotch Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com/mistermf/mens-east-scotch-fw-1516-forecast-story/ East Scotch Mood Video: http://vimeo.com/100835687


NORDIC SAGAThis look was inspired by adventure. Fashion Snoops envisioned a rugged man who just loved traveling and had that adventurous spirit to discover new things and new places. Some inspiration was also drawn from the Viking culture in Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. The color story for this look includes glacial pastels that are watered down like ivories and greens mixed with earthy tones. Some apparel to complete this look would be chunky knits, a shearling jacket, suede pants, faux fur parkas, cable sweaters, twead suits, and flannel shirt jackets. Nordic Saga: http://www.pinterest.com/mistermf/mens-nordic-saga-fw-1516-forecast-story/ Nordic Saga Mood Video: http://vimeo.com/96830581


NIGHT CAMP- This look is completely active inspired with an urban twist. If you're an athlete and want to incorporate stylish pieces into your wardrobe while still feeling comfortable, this look is for you. Fashion Snoops described this look as a guy who is finds that being physically fit is his lifestyle and has the driven spirit for competition. The color story showcase strong colors of yellow, red, and orange mixed with blues and blacks. Some fabrics in this look  include leather, quilted, mesh, and flannels. Examples of apparel are trail coats, graphic sweatshirts, sport suits, and woven work out tee. This look is technical, active, and is more about functionality. Night Camp Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com/mistermf/mens-night-camp-fw-1516-forecast-story/ Night Camp Mood Video: http://vimeo.com/102573578



I love all of these looks and honestly can't pick my favorite, but I am curious to know which one is YOUR favorite look and which one is not. I don't really talk too much about men's wear, so this part of the seminar was super informative for me. I hope this was informative for you to read too :)