WWDMAGIC 2014: Fashion Snoops- Part 1 (Women's Wear)


One of the best things about WWDMAGIC is attending the abundance of seminars. It's one of the greatest ways to get the latest scoops on everything current in the fashion industry. People in the business come to MAGIC and share their insight on different topics like, "How to open and run a successful retail store", "Trend buying direction", "Accessories update", and "Cool technology for fashion savvy companies" (All of these are real seminar names, by the way). But my ultimate favorite kinds of seminars are those that cover trend and color reports. So it was only right for my friends and I to attend the "Fashion Snoops Global Trend Stories for Fall/Winter 2015/2016 for Women's, Men's, and Accessories". This was the first time I've ever heard of Fashion Snoops in my whole life, but I learned that they are one of the best global trend research companies in the business. Retailers and other business owners look to Fashion Snoops for the most up to date trends in fashion and beauty. They work two seasons ahead, so the predictions they shared with us during the seminar are for next year's Fall/Winter seasons. This seminar was packed, back to front! During the presentation, you could just see a crowd of people with their arms in the air, cellphones or iPads in hand. They were all snapping pictures of the presentation in between scribbling down notes on notepads and journals. And you can bet that I was one of these people as well! Since this was such an informative seminar, I'm going to break this into two posts, one for women's wear and one for men's wear. So like they say: Ladies first !

The 4 different themed looks they talked about for women's wear were:

  • Inner Calm
  • City Slicker
  • Artisan Journey
  • Mythical Forest

Below are the pictures from the presentation and notes I took from the seminar. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the mood boards more clearly. I've also included mood videos that Fashion Snoops created to really showcase what each theme is all about. :)


INNER CALM- This look makes me excited for winter ! It was inspired by that cozy homebody look. They envisioned a girl drinking tea at home on a cloudy day and cozied up on a wooden chair in her cute and trendy cabin. As you can see this look has lots of textured knits made of chunky yarns, draping cover ups, and multiple textures. The color story includes light, icy pastels along with some dark grays and tans. The apparel and accessories for this look are fitted and chunky turtle necks, blanket coats, slouchy socks and boots, ankle strap pumps, and bucket bags. Inner Calm: http://vimeo.com/97942204


CITY SLICKER- This look is what Fashion Snoops referred to as the "ultimate urban dweller". It's a very sport inspired style that includes sharp silhouettes, a clean and minimalistic look with curves, and endogenous materials. The color story for this look includes concrete, steel, and glass colors. Some key apparel pieces for this look are parkas, wide leg pants, cocoon coats, shirt dresses, double faced clothing, and shants (an article of clothing which has a length that's in between shorts and pants). City Slicker: http://vimeo.com/98769666


ARTISAN JOURNEY- This look was probably my most favorite look out the the four. Fashion Snoops described this look as "romantic" and "folkoric", drawing inspiration from floral paintings. There are a lot of country references made in this look, capturing an arts and crafts feel with an abundance of needlework in the apparel. This look is very detailed, with intricate braid work, bold floral prints, and a lot of mix media. The color story includes deep and warm colors that really tie in with the fall. The fabrics seen most in this look are silk chiffon and knits. To encompass this look, you would wear a lot of delicate ruffles, blanket scarves, midi dresses and skirts, quilted & shearling jackets, cardigans, and peasant blouses. Artisan Journey: http://vimeo.com/100345657


Mythical ForestMYTHICAL FOREST- This look was inspired by story books, like Robin Hood, that encompass love and strength. This look's main fabrics are velvet, lace, jersey knits and draped leather. This look has a lot of lace up in it, really giving it that medieval look. There are a lot of embellished patterns in the apparel matched with elaborate statement necklaces, feathers, over the knee slouch boots, neck furs, chokers, and chunky heel pumps. Examples of apparel you could wear to complete this look are lace smock turtlenecks, capes, leather pants, pleated skirts, elongated mohair sweaters, parkas, and shift dresses. Mythical Forest: http://vimeo.com/95987421


Lots of exciting stuff for next Autumn/Winter ! Which ones are your favorite looks?

For more trends in fashion and beauty for the next couple years, check out www.fashionsnoops.com ! I'll warn you right now, there are a limited amount of things you can access as a visitor. Most of the material requires an account. However, there are still some cool things to browse through, like the pictures I posted above ! Give it a look :)