Fashion Favorites: Hottie's World

The word to express how much I love this week’s Fashion Favorites item is beyond me !!  From the color to the style, it’s the kind of dress I wish came in multiple colors so I could get away with wearing it every week of my life !!!

Just like last week, I’m rocking a piece that is made of a lighter fabric and has wider sleeves. This dress is SUPER comfortable and has an elastic waist. It’s perfect if you want to wear something that’ll focus on the smallest part of your waist and not hug your whole entire body. I know that for me, there’s some days where I just want to wear something girly, yet loose and comfortable. THIS would be the go-to dress for that.

I usually am not one to go for v-neck dresses just because I like to keep my “goods” in check, but I found a criss-cross bralette and voila! The two pieces together worked together like magic. ;)

One of my favorite parts of this dress is the cut in the back. It’s minimal and doesn’t show off too much, which is nice!

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Happy Wednesday, lovies !