"Do This in Memory of Me" // Faithfully Honest

 Created by the talented  @letteringlis

 Created by the talented @letteringlis

As this week concludes to a close, I sit here and contemplate the significant meaning behind the big celebration of Easter. I think about the extremities of what Jesus went through to fulfill God’s will. I think about the suffering and anguish He went through as the people beat, whipped and tortured Him. I think about how He carried his heavy cross to the highest point of the city and the people that mocked and bullied Him along the way.  I think about the horrific scene of Him being nailed to the cross. I think about it all and it causes my eyes to well with tears and my heart to feel the heaviest it’s ever felt. I am almost ashamed to admit this, but even though I’ve believed in God since I could remember, it wasn’t until this past weekend that I let all this sink in and really realized how much this means to me. 

Every now and then, I get asked why I believe in God. My responses have always revolved on the things that God has done in my life. I start listing off the blessings He has poured into my life, the prayers He’s answered and the continuous presence of His love, grace and mercy as I live and breathe. But what I fail to mention is the true meaning of WHY I even have a relationship with God and how it’s possible because of what Jesus did on the cross.

The night before Jesus died, He had one last meal with His 12 disciples. He broke bread and drank wine with them, symbolizing the body and blood of Christ. Jesus said that the action of their meal together was a statement of their faith in Him. He told them, “Do this in memory of me”, to accept Him into their hearts and live out to His purpose for their lives. 

I think about this statement, and ask myself, “Am I really living in memory of Jesus?” Truth be told, no I am not. I realize this and am just broken by it. I feel guilt and shame because of my sins. I look at my life and KNOW that there are areas that I could do better on, yet fail so hard at. I realize that I am unworthy of His love, yet He extends it to me in grace, freely and willingly. I mean, how freaking amazing is that?! Me, Graciella Colmenares, believer of God and living in sin. Might as well slap that on a sticker and have me wear it every day of my life because that is me. And although I am condemned by my sinful nature, my faith saves me. And because my faith saves me, it makes me WANT to live better, to make more effort to live as Jesus did and overcome my sins. It’s definitely not the easiest journey, but I will die trying. I am renewed in Him and it is the best life journey I’ve ever decided to take.

I believe in God because He loved me first. I believe that Jesus walked the Earth, led a discipleship, worked miracles and suffered & died on the cross for my sins. THIS is why I believe in God. People often don’t understand the whole logic of this and why it’s important, but THIS is the ultimate and profound reason behind my relationship with the One above. Yes, God is beautiful and majestic all the time and He has shaped my life in ways that take my breath away. However, my emphasis should mainly stake on the fact that God’s purpose for sending Jesus, His only begotten Son, to Earth was so He could die for our sins, rise from the dead and offer us the gift of eternal and everlasting life. This signifies the true meaning behind God’s love for us and the true meaning behind Easter.

This type of love is worth more than anything in the world and I get to have it, little ‘ol me ! Better yet, anyone can have it if they choose to accept it. It’s really a choice. But because of the work God has done in me, I will choose it over and over and over again until the end of my days. God’s gorgeous love gives me so much joy and solidifies my faith in Jesus Christ, and I will live my life in His footsteps in memory of Him.