Living in Style: Heidi Swapp Memory Planner


If you know me at all, then you'll know I love to organize! The idea of living my life mess free brings the biggest joy to my face. Life is just a lot better when things are clean and are stored in their proper places.

One of the many things I appreciate in the world of organizing is a great planner. Last year, I did some research and found a great planner off of Amazon. I loved it, but wanted to try something new this year. So I asked my lovely friend Marianne who runs the GoodiesOnly instagram account and she recommended I purchase The Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas. I visited my local Michael's (okay, okay...I went to 4 different locations), and to my dismay, I saw that the planner was sold out. *Wonk Wonk*

Eventually, a Heidi Swapp planner caught my eye and needless to say, it was love at first sight. I bought the planner & other accessories and I wanted to share everything with you guys!

(From left to right) I purchased the Heidi Swapp planner, the "Today's the Best" notebook, stickers from Michael's, Heidi Swapp bookmark magnets and quote cards, and Heidi Swapp number stickers and planner dividers.

When opening the planner, I saw that there were pockets on the inside cover, making it convenient to store more notes and planner stickers.

I also liked how there was a clear flap with gold stripes in the front of the first divider. I'm guessing it's a way to protect the top divider of the planner or as a decoration piece.

The next page was a cute printed divider with a quote that said "Love Life". This is one of the my favorite things about this planner. Every month has a new divider with the month's name on it and a different quote dressed in a beautiful print. 

When flipping the divider over, the first page of the month is a "To-Do List" along with extra spaces to write more notes.

Before the "To-Do List", there's actually a plastic binder sleeve to insert these gorgeous quote cards inside. One pack of these quote cards last the first few months, but I would suggest buying two packs to complete the whole year.

Like I said before, I'm very picky when it comes to planners. My ideal calendar set-up is having a full calendar of the months, extra note taking spaces and pages that give a weekly breakdown to write daily notes. This planner has just that, so it's absolutely perfect!

Since you have to build out your planner, the pages are without any numbers, hence why I bought numbers stickers.

At the end of each month, there is a section titled, "That Was the Best". Because this Heidi Swapp planner was initially created to document daily memories, this is a sheet to sum up and recount your favorite memories.

Although I've decided to use this planner to plan out and organize my day better, I still find this page very useful. As a writer, I like being able to recap my month and find the best moments of it. What better way to do that then to write down the memories on this page. I can also record my life lessons and little notes of encouragement to myself.

One of the other accessories I bought was a stack of dividers to add within my planner. They each have different prints and sayings on them, which matches perfectly with the rest of my planner.

I also bought a two piece set of magnetic book marks. I thought these would come in handy, especially when I want to insert extra papers, or mark a certain calendar page as a reminder to myself. 

Because I like writing notes, I wanted to have a notepad to match my planner. There's something oddly satisfying to have matching accessories lol! 

This notepad is double sided and has elegant graphics on it that just make my heart squeal with delight! It's all so cute, that I sometimes have to force myself to write on everything. For me, if this is the case, then I know I've picked something awesome.

The notepad paper is the same thickness as cardstock, which is something I'm very picky about. If I can help it, I try to avoid flimsy notebook paper when making notepad purchases.

After going through my supplies, I decided to build my planner. I added the number, snow flake and quote stickers, wrote my notes in color code and really made it my own. (see below)

My results from January turned out pretty good. Although I would love to buy more Heidi Swapp accessories as I continue to use my planner, what I've done satisfies me for now. I think I will definitely get use out of this planner and I can't wait to see how it will all look in the end.

For more Heidi Swapp planners, accessories and ways to use them, check out Heidi Swapp's website.

Happy Planning, lovies !