Fashion Favorites: Target

Being petite can be quite the struggle. Although I enjoy being "fun-sized", there are certain garments that just DO NOT look good on a 5'2 Asian lady like me. For me, I've found it a struggle to wear maxi dresses because I usually have to take the time to get them altered, and in all honesty...Nobody got time for that!!!! But when I went to go visit Target, I found the cutest maxi dress. And guess what? My petite self could actually make the dress work !

I matched the dress with a hat to add something to the dress, otherwise the outfit would have looked kind of boring. I would also probably add a necklace and bracelet to add more pizzazz.

Because the dress was so long, I paired it with the tallest heeled boots I owned. Haha ! This is definitely more of a "going to meet friends for lunch/dinner outfit". I wouldn't wear this for running errands or a fun date night. I think I would start to feel uncomfortable at that point. All in all, this dress made me feel confident and ready to take the day by storm!