Beauty Picks & Tricks: Makeup & Moscato

A few months ago, my friend Marlena and I hosted a Make-Up and Moscato Party where we invited some of my dearest friends to drink wine and play with Younique make-up products. For those of you who haven't heard, Younique is a popular make-up brand that strives to uplift, empower and validate women everywhere with their beauty products and business model. After testing out a few of the items, I wanted to host this event to share Younique with my friends.

The event was so much and I wanted to post some pics! Although it was back in November, this party was one of the funnest events I ever hosted. My favorite parts were seeing how awesome my friends looked with their make-up on and their reactions to the quality of the products.

Thanks to Marlena for hosting the event at her home and to my friends for coming out and spending the afternoon with us :)

If you would like to know more about Younique and their products, leave a comment below and I can add you to my online FB Make-up Party! Marlena will be sharing pictures and tutorials of some of her favorite Younique products and answer any questions you may have :)