AREAA 2014 Fashion Show

September kicked off with two major events that I was asked to be a part of. The first one was the AREAA convention where they hosted a fashion show at the Bellagio Hotel. AREAA stands for Asian Real Estate of America Association. The conventions they organize are just as big as the MAGIC convention I talked about in my previous entries. This association throws several events during their conventions all throughout the strip. They also host conventions in LA and NYC. So as you can see, this was a pretty big deal and that I was SUPER stoked ! :) My friends, Aaron, Kriscia, Yanet, Kody, and Alivya were also asked to intern for this event by one of our fashion teachers, Leah Benitez. Together as students, we were dubbed as the styling team backstage for the show. We each were assigned to work with one model, handling a range from 5-8 looks. The looks consisted of 180 pieces of clothing and accessories from Macy's and a local Las Vegas brand called Coterie. Some brands included in the show were Ryan Seacrest, Sole Society, Cole Haan, Versace, Jessica Simpson, and Calvin Klein. The five main looks and styles the models wore were:

  • Monday thru Friday - An everyday look
  • Fit/Active - Stylish active wear
  • The Weekender - The best looks to wear from day to night on the weekend
  • Out on the Town - Best outfits for a fun night out
  • Trendsetter - The most stylish looks of the season.

Here's a look at the models from Best Agency that we were able to work with. One of the original models fell ill, so she was replaced with a sweet girl named Gemma, ( unfortunately not pictured below, but pictured in the next slideshow of the event). She was the model Aaron styled for. Also, here are some pictures Chrissay took during our fitting the night before the show!:

Also, my good friend Chrissay was asked to handle all the social media aspects, giving followers a behind the scenes look at what was happening backstage through Twitter and Instagram. Here are the pictures she took backstage of the team and I during the event. Click a picture to see the full image:

This whole experience was such a blessing and it gave me a better insight on what goes into making a fashion show successful. I want to give a huge thank you to the team that was in charge of this show: Leah, Carolyn, Andrew, Neil, Vinny, and Garen. Also, I want to thank the team of models we were able to work with: Gemma, Tara, Anthony, Thomas, Catherine, and Michelle. And finally thank you to the supreme team who worked with me: Chrissay, Aaron, Kriscia, Yanet, Alivya, and Kody. WE DID IT, GUYS !

PS- Check out my sister site, NextStopHappiness written and ran by Chrissay. She also wrote about the AREAA event. Click here to read an entry she wrote about her experience at the fashion show. Also, make sure to give her some love by following her and commenting !

Until my next fashion adventure, Xo