Bryan Yeager and His Killer Pumpkins

One of the cool things about the libraries here in Vegas is that you can always find some type of art on display in the galleries attached to the libraries. Most of the time, you can find paintings or drawings from local artist here in Vegas. However, I would have never thought I would see the awesome jack-o-lantern display carved by local artist, Bryan Yeager. This exhibit is set up at the Summerlin Library's art gallery, lit up only by Yeager's pumpkin masterpieces. Since the young age of 10 years old, this pumpkin carving artist has felt that his calling has always been to perfect his art. Looking at his work, Bryan Yeager has done just that ! Yeager's jack-o-lanterns feature images of monsters, creepy characters, and even images of Tim Burton movie character. Click to enlarge the thumbnail images below and see these spooky, but totally amazing works of art ! Shout out to my kind, helpful, and cutie of a boyfriend, Gedalya, for letting me borrow his camera phone and for taking the cool panorama shots of the display :)

Awesome, right?! My favorite ones are jack-o-lantern inspired by the painting "The Scream, and the jack-o-lantern inspired by Disney's Maleficent. Both look like the painting and Angelina Jolie. This guy's talent is top knotch ! How about you? Which one was your favorite carved masterpiece? Let me know in the comments below !

To check out more of Bryan Yeager's work, go to his website: ! Aside from his work, you can also find out more information on how YOU can create and carve your own jack-o-lantern masterpieces by becoming a member of his website. You'll gain full access to carving patterns and instruction videos on how to become a pumpkin carving artist.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy this first weekend of October ! Xo