WWDMAGIC 2014: Mo:Vint

Walking through the MAGIC show room floor is exciting because there's so much to look at. With so many vendor booths, it's advisable to walk a good pace; fast enough to not get trampled on by the crowd behind you and lose your own group, but slow enough to have your eyes soak everything in. Mesmerized by everything in sight, my friends and I continued walking through the floor when all of a sudden I heard someone say, "Oh! Students! Come check us out. Come check out our booth!" Out of the five times I've been at MAGIC, this was the first time EVER that a vendor had ever approached my friends and I to enter their booth. I looked and saw a lady who had a warm smile on her face. She gestured at my friends and I to walk closer to her. We all looked at each other and happily entered the booth together. We immediately walked over to the booth's merchandise and looked through their clothing. The lady who approached us began explaining the brand, its style of clothing, and the meaning behind its name. She even pulled aside the owner of the booth and she talked to my friends and I for a little bit, answering any questions we had.

The brand is call Mo:Vint, basically short for Modern Vintage. This New York based clothing is...well, VINTAGE, but with a MODERN twist (Hence the name). They carry women's clothing, ranging from dresses, to blouses, to sweaters, to plaids, to skirts. I'd say that the clothing definitely has vintage aspects to it, while also showcasing both feminine and edgy elements. My friends and I adored all the clothing they had on display, especially their knits!

And of course, we had to snap a pic with the owner and she was very happy to take the pic with us! photo 2 (2)

Go ahead and check out Mo:Vint's website, but I do have to warn you that the selection on their site does not compare to the collection they had at the convention. I'm hoping that since Fall is around the corner, they'll update really soon and start selling those pieces!

Mo:Vint: http://movint.com/