WWDMAGIC 2014: @KershClothing

In my last post, I wrote about how my friends and I enjoyed meeting and greeting at the booth of clothing brand, En Creme. We really weren't sure if any other booths would give us the time of day, but low and behold, we were proven wrong! As we journeyed through the show room floor, a young woman had approached us and asked if we were interested in receiving some free tote bags. We'd be dumb to say no to free stuff, so we quickly and enthusiastically said, "yes!" We all started asking her questions about the brand when the woman all of a sudden shyly whispered that it was her first day working and that she wasn't sure how to answer our questions. We respected her for her honesty and just smiled & laughed, telling her that it was no big deal. I think it was in that moment that my friends and I started to feel more confident in the convention center, realizing that we weren't the only ones who felt a bit nervous about talking with people. I think us being students comforted the worker too. We found out she was actually a student from the Los Angeles FIDM campus and we just shot questions back and forth with her. After a few moments, she grabbed one of the people who worked for the company (completely blanking on her position right now), and she explained to us exactly what their brands were all about.

The booth was at MAGIC to represent two stores: Kersh and Press. Both stores are owned by an apparel importing company based in Vancouver called International Fashions. Kersh is a California brand that is inspired by the style of the West Coast. They strive to mesh a pretty girl look with a "cool girl vibe". After looking through their collection, I'd say that their style has elements of street wear with a feminine twist. Press on the other hand, is a Canadian brand that is more about classic silhouettes and styles with a modern trendy twist. Their pieces include apparel you can wear to the office to clothing you can wear on casual days. It's shows off a great interpretation of both styles. Check out these videos for a behind the scenes look at their Autumn/Winter 2014 look book shoots:

Kersh: http://www.kersh.ca/#behindthescenes Press: http://www.pressfashions.com/behind-the-scenes/

Eventually, we thanked our two new friends and wished our new college friend the best of luck! But of course we had to snap a pic with her and show off our new totes. Did I mention these bags were made out of recycled shirts? Awesome clothes AND environmentally friendly? Definitely an A+ in my book !

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