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Fashion Favorites: Wet Seal

You know what's the best part of shopping? A sale ! I'm sure everyone can relate to that, especially if you love shopping for clothes. Even though I'm a fashion student, it doesn't mean I shop all the time. A splurge for me is when I actually go shopping. LOL! But with summer setting in here in Vegas and with having a bit more free time, I make more of an effort to check out what things I can add to my closet. This dress is a great find from Wetseal. I know that store is more for juniors, but it doesn't hurt to look and see what kind of stuff they have, especially since I'm only 5'2. [#Funsized ;) ]...

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Fashion Favorites: H&M

If you know me, then you know my wardrobe consists mainly of dresses. I could wear dresses everyday of my life if I had enough outfits to last me a lifetime ! Wearing a dress has the power to make me feel more confident, fashionable, or even sexy. Call me crazy, but I actually feel more comfortable in a dress than jeans and a t-shirt. And one of the best things about a dress is that whether it's a floral printed dress, a maxi or a mini dress, you can really dress it up or dress it down (with the right accessories, of course)...

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