Fashion Favorites: Wet Seal

You know what's the best part of shopping? A sale ! I'm sure everyone can relate to that, especially if you love shopping for clothes. Even though I'm a fashion student, it doesn't mean I shop all the time. A splurge for me is when I actually go shopping. LOL! But with summer setting in here in Vegas and with having a bit more free time, I make more of an effort to check out what things I can add to my closet. This dress is a great find from Wetseal. I know that store is more for juniors, but it doesn't hurt to look and see what kind of stuff they have, especially since I'm only 5'2. [#Funsized ;) ]

While browsing, I found this adorable dress with skinny straps and off the shoulder sleeves for $15. The second I tried it on and saw how it looked, I was sold !...or the dress was sold... to me... LOL. [Sorry, corny joke!]

What I love about this dress is that it's loose fitting, but not to the point where I'm swimming in it. You could also make the dress more form fitting if you paired it with a belt.

This dress is great to wear while I'm running errands, meeting with my friends for lunch, or even to my office job (with a cardigan over it, of course). I can pair this dress with gladiator sandals, sandal heels or even tall boots. I could actually wear this dress year round if I paired with the right accessories! All in all, it's versatile in style and in color.

In the pictures below, I paired this dress with my black Chinese Laundry heels, yet again. Lol (I can't get enough of these shoes!) With the black, I thought it would be cool to pair the two together.

Shout out to Ben Sahagun Photography for shooting with me! You're amazin' blazin' !