Grand Canyon Adventures // Living In Style


Last month, Grand Canyon Destination Tours loaded me, some of the Vegas Lifestyle Influencer babes +50 some other people onto a bus and drove us to one of America's treasured places: The Grand Canyon.

We went on a Saturday, a day I usually spend indoors at work. To finally have the day off to venture on a bus was pretty great! It was refreshing to spend the day travelling and seeing all the sights. The bus ride was a 6am to 10:30pm deal, but it was well worth it. I say this because not only did we get to go to the Grand Canyon, but we also went to the Hoover Dam and stopped over at two parts of Route 66. (see our full itinerary here


Our first stop was the Hoover Dam. We stayed for 15 minutes so people could take some quick snaps of the place. It was a beautiful morning; from what I remember, the place looked like it was about to open itself up to the public. A few years ago, I took a tour inside and it was interesting to see how the dam is operated and its history.


Our second stop was good 'ol Route 66. It was funny to me because the whole time I was there, I just thought about the movie "Cars". Our stop had a lot of places to explore. Although we had 15 mins, it was cool to walk into the Route 66 museum and look around.

That's the Vegas Lifestyle Influencer creator, Melanie Lee! Follow her on Instagram at  @jetsettingdaisy

That's the Vegas Lifestyle Influencer creator, Melanie Lee! Follow her on Instagram at @jetsettingdaisy


Inside the Historic Route 66 Museum, there was this cute shop that sold lots of merch, including these awesome diner earrings. My favorite? The pan fried eggs 🍳


By mid afternoon, we made it to the Grand Canyon! We ended up hanging out in the South Rim, particularly the Bright Angel Lodge. The place had a gift shoppe, ice cream parlour and rest areas. Right behind the lodge was a walk out area that overlooked the Canyon. 


The view was absolutely breathtaking! We spent a total of 2 hours walking around, taking pictures, eating ice cream and making sure we didn't feed the squirrels (there are signs that say to not feed them due to catching the plague? lol).


When we left the Grand Canyon, we stopped at In-N-Out and had dinner. By 10:30pm, we were back on the Las Vegas strip to see the neon lights and night-life commence.

Follow these awesome babes on Instagram (left to right):  @mermaidinheels ,  @realtorinheels ,  @lifebymj  &  @jetsettingdaisy

Follow these awesome babes on Instagram (left to right): @mermaidinheels, @realtorinheels, @lifebymj & @jetsettingdaisy

It was such a thrilling trip! I'm glad I got the full tourist experience and the opportunity to hang out with some awesome blogger babes. 

Thank you to Grand Canyon Destination Tours for the experience and to our group leader, Melanie Lee, for organizing the trip!