Glow in the Dark Flower for Mother’s Day // Living in Style


Hey, guys!

With Mother's Day around the corner, I wanted to share a really cool gift that takes gifting roses to a whole other level: Glow in the Dark Flower.

These hand picked and preserved roses are straight from Ecuador and are REAL roses that glow. 

You can order a bouquet of roses for Mom that come in beautiful handmade boxes, or you can order single rose heads that come in glass domes imported directly from Europe. The dome flowers remind me of Beauty and the Beast and have me humming the theme song LOL!  

To make the roses glow, all you need to do is charge the flowers with light. I used my iPhone flashlight and charged the roses for about 1-2 minutes. For the initial charge, you would need to charge them for 10 minutes. Here's what the flowers looked like when I charged for a minute and turned off the lights.

file (1).jpeg

Currently, Glow in the Dark Flower has a promo code for Mother's Day where you can get 20% off using the code ILOVEMYMOM.

Also, if you live in Vegas, the company hand delivers their flower orders so you can safely receive these beautiful, handmade creations!