Chesapeake Bay Candles at Diner en Blanc // Living in Style


Hey, loves!

Today is super awesome because I'll be attending Diner en Blanc tonight! 

Diner en Blanc is an event that got started in Paris 30 years ago and has become a world-wide culinary phenomenon. Think of it as the most glamorous picnic event ever created !

The event is all about secrecy, fashion, glamour and revelry; the unique aspect about the event is that guests have no idea where the event will be held until the last second. When revealed, thousands of people come together wearing head to toe white to dance, drink and party the night way under the stars. Guests bring their own food, tables and centerpieces. Diner de Blanc is here for its second year tonight at an unknown location.

I’m soooooo excited ! I've been planning since I heard about it a couple months ago. I have my outfit planned, but I've been trying to figure out different ways to plan my table. One way I'm planning to style my table is with candles, particularly with Chesapeake Bay Candles' Bargamot & Clover Candles. 


These luxury candles smell absolutely amazing!!!! Clover is such a beautiful scent for the spring, sure to leave a lingering scent of freshness in the air. I used the coffee table jar, small and large jar candles for my center piece along with a cobalt green candle stand and mango wood tray. 


I used green vase filler beads to accentuate the cobalt green even more so and to tie the color together.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my table and love the different sized candles.

If you haven't checked out Chesapeake Bay Candles, you're missing out! I have many candles in different flavors and they smell great. Add their luxury candles to your own collection by checking them out at Target, Wayfair, or Amazon

Keep a look out for more pictures from the Diner en Blanc event!

Happy Sunday!