Raga // Fashion Favorites

Happy Saturday, guys!

I got a day off from my second job today, so what better way to spend some of my Saturday afternoon than to update the blog, right? ;)

Sorry for the lack of posts on here, but I have to say that things have been really great and busy lately. I feel so blessed with all of the changes that have been happening:

·         I recently took another job at a different company as my full-time gig (I’d been praying for something better to enter my life.)

·         I finally found a Bible study group that I enjoy going to filled with awesome people who have a heart for serving. I even had the opportunity to lead a study for one night and am so happy I was able to do that.

·         I took a vacation back to my second home, San Diego, with my main squeeze. (This was Gman and mine’s first vacation together)

·         I GOT ENGAGED!

It’s been a crazy last few months and I think I’ve beat this point to death on my IG lately LOL (here and here). Maybe I’ll write it all out on another post one day, but right now, I’m not ready to share those stories. I am focusing on enjoying all of the great things that have been happening.

I will say though, it’s really funny how God works sometimes. Despite all the craziness, he’s recently shown up in ways that I have only DREAMED about. It’s nice to be reminded that in the chaos, God will work wonders. Lately, I’ve been feeling that my faith has been tested A LOT. And even though I was struggling in certain aspects of my life, he poured out the blessings in other areas. I’ve been feeling so blessed, I’ve been crying from happiness (surprise, surprise cause I cry at most emotionally happy things LOL!)

As for my engagement, Gman and I are so happy! He’s happy, I’m happy, everyone is happy LOL! It’s such a wild experience to know that we are going to marry each other after almost 4 years of being in a relationship. We’ve talked about getting married since our first year of dating, but we knew deep down it was too soon. I’m glad we waited things out and that he surprised me during our vacation. It was absolutely perfect, guys…It makes my heart glow just thinking about it all! He proposed right next to the ocean and I just remember him knelt down in front of me with ring in hand, wind in his hair and the crashing ocean waves behind him. He’s actually in the room with me as I’m writing this post and just looking at him while he’s working on his computer makes my heart flutter.  And don’t worry, it’s okay to creep on him, we’re fiancéd now ;)

I really got lucky with this one and always knew since we started dating that he was made special for lil’ ‘ol me. I’m looking forward to endless days of morning kisses, surprise hugs, goofy moments, happy moments, sad moments, and heart 2 hearts for the rest of forever. I really didn’t think I would ever find that, ESPECIALLY here in Vegas. But again, isn’t it funny how God works sometimes?

Ooooooooooooookay, enough of all THAT. But cause now I just feel like I’m being mushy gushy HAHA! Before I get too far off subject, here’s one of my favorite outfits as of late.

I’ve been really into wearing Raga for the summer. Their clothes are a mix of ancient Indian and modern day bohemian perfection. This look was a mix of 70s bohemian princess and 80s rocker chick.

The fabric for the dress is lightweight and comfortable. I love the variation of colors in the front, but also like how it's backless. I just always have to be careful with the straps of this dress because they tend to fall off my shoulders if I don't have them adjusted properly and I definitely DO NOT WANT THAT lol.

I matched the dress with my brown booties from American Eagle that I got a couple years back. They have a clickity-clack heel to it, so I tend to sound like a freaking horse when I'm walking around in them, but a freaking loud & cute horse I guess.

To complete the look even more so, I wrapped my head in a brightly colored wrap so that you can't see how dirty and gross my hair REALLY is and added some brightly colored raindrop earrings from Wet Seal and a large stoned sucker punch ring from Charming Charlie's. I really liked my double cross bar aviators sunglasses from ILYMIX with this look, so I thought WHY NOT TAKE A CRAZY CHANCE. (Yes, like the Hilary Duff song).

Hope you guys liked this look! Also, if you liked my specs, check out ILYMIX.COM and get 20% off your order by using my code SPANGLE20 :) 

Loveeeeeee you guys Xo