Honey Salt // Las Vegas Eats

One of the best things about Vegas is the never-ending discovery of food places. As a city that thrives on extremity, it's not surprising to me. If you asked me why I would even consider Vegas home, I would talk about:

  • The ability to live in a city where you can play tourist on the strip/downtown and drive back home to the suburbs and go back to your own home.
  • The great views of the mountains wherever I drive and to be able to actually go to them and just bask in all their nature-filled and beautiful glory.
  • The fact that almost every cuisine imaginable is available in the city and that there seems to be an endless amount of hidden treasure places to eat (and that they're open late lol)

One of my favorite hidden gem restaurants is in Summerlin called Honey Salt. I've been here only a handful of times, but the place never fails to impress. From the decor to the ambiance, to the deliciously fresh food, this spot is a must-try food place here in Vegas. Their whole concept is "Farm-to-table inspired home comfort food in Las Vegas." Right off the bat, the food is fresh, hand crafted with detail, and deliciously satisfying.

I visited Honey Salt on a Thursday night with one of my good friends, Aaron (Shout-out to Aaron Arrow!) We wanted to go eat at a low-key spot that wasn't terribly expensive, but still had great food. It took a few tries to figure out where to go, but then Honey Salt came to mind and there was no competition of where to go after that. Aaron had never been there, but was so excited to try it after looking up Honey Salt on Yelp.

We went to dinner at 6:15pm. For a weekday night, it was pretty crowded. The guest were a mix of families, couples, friends, work colleagues...and I say this based on conversations I overheard and just by the look of everything. We were seated right away by a nice hostess. Our waiter (I wish I could remember his name!!!) was awesome. He was professional, upbeat, and knowledgeable about the menu. During our time there, he checked up on us quite often, which is always an A+ in my book. 

We started off with their Avocado Toast as an appetizer which was freshly mashed avocado on toast, topped with tomatoes, ricotta and basil flowers. Now, I'll be 100% honest with you... I don't really like avocado. (Don't judge me! I save my extra money from guac at Chipotle, thank you very much!) Also, I don't really like tomatoes. I know, I know..I'm quite the picky eater. Despite my distaste for avocado & tomatoes, this dish was actually pretty good! I ate 2 of the toasts and munched on it until my avocado/tomato anxieties soared away.

For those of you who have never eaten with me, I don't really eat a whole lot. Haha! I try to eat as healthy as I can on most days of my life. There a few days in between when I'll just go for the "whole enchilada" and eat whatever I want. But on this particular night, I wanted protein. For dinner, I try to eat fish considering I eat fruit, veggies, vegan cookies and other snacks during the day. I opted for the Elizabeth Caesar salad which had tuscan kale, romaine, parmesan all tossed in a really excellent Caesar dressing. As a guest, you can ask to add the salmon, so I opted into getting the Scottish salmon, which was also really great. This is a pretty basic dish, but Honey Salt executed it really well! 

Aaron had the Cast Iron Strip Steak, which came with heirloom carrots, smashed fingerlings, and chimichurri. He looked like he absolutely enjoyed it. I remember him saying that he was going to treat himself that night. What better way to do that than to get a nice protein filled dish? Haha!

Aaron and I spent a total of 3 hours at Honey Salt, drinking my wine and him drinking his mixed drink. We ate, drank, and just had some really great conversations. One of my favorite activities is to meet with a friend, talk about life, dreams, and inspirations over some good food and drinks. I think as I've grown older, this the go-to activity with friends...because who doesn't like to eat and mingle at the same time? And if you don't like to eat, then you can drink and mingle, so it all works out ;) 

Thank you to Honey Salt for the awesome food and hospitality. If you're on yelp, check them out here! You can also follow them on Instagram

Happy Friday, guys!