Rainforest Mini Konjac Sponges // Beauty Picks & Tricks

Hi beauties!

Today, I wanted to share my experience with using Konjac Sponge Company's latest collection, their Rainforest Mini Konjac Sponges. I've written about this company before (which you can find here) and raved about their French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge. Seriously saved my skin during the holidays, not gonna lie!

My skin routine lately has consisted of the usual wash, tone, and moisturize. Sometimes, I need an extra boost and exfoliating will do the trick because I can really get down to my pores. That's when these sponges come in handy :)

These mini sponges are just absolutley adoraaaableeee! They are so cute that I almost didn't want to open them. LOL! These mini sponges feature different rainforest animals with different beauty features: 
//Tree Frog - French Green Clay
//Monkey - French Red Clay
//Tucan - 100% Pure Konjac
//Sloth - Bamboo Charcoal

What I love the most about these sponges is that they don't irritate my skin because of the natural ingredients the sponges are made from. They are 100% natural, PH balancing, and are color and additive-free.

These sponges are so easy to use, they make my night time beauty routine so easy when I know my skin needs an extra cleansing. You just add water to the sponge, gently squeeze out the excess, and cleanse! You can even use a face wash with your sponge for a deeper clean.

I started breaking in my sponges by first using the Sloth Bamboo Charcoal. I may have started with that one because I felt like a complete sloth that day, but that is neither here nor there ;)

One of the great benefits about this particular sponge is that it not only refines your pores and nourishes your skin, but it also leaves it with a healthy radiance. I will say that I didn't notice too much a difference in my skin right away, but after gradual use and the addition of using a cleanser while using the sponge, I saw a difference in the texture of my skin as time went on. My face felt smoother, I could feel my pores singing with joy! Haha. 

I use the sponges when I've had more than the usual amount of make-up on my face. Lately, I've been contouring and highlighting my face everyday, and I'm finding that my make-up remover doesn't always get rid of everything on my skin. That's when these sponges are life savers for me. I do one round of removing my make up with a make up remover and lather up my cleanser and apply it to my face. I then buff my face with one of the mini Konjac Sponges so I can really get the make up off my face. 

Watch the video below to see how easy it was to use the Sloth Pore Refiner Sponge. In the video, I just used water, no cleanser.

To snag your own mini Rainforest Konjac Sponges, check out Konjac Sponge Company here. If you can't choose which cute creature to get, #TreatYoSelf to a complete box set of them! Take a couple for you and gift the rest to your favorite people ;)

Love you guys!!!