Cold Shoulders & Long Skirts // Fashion Favorites


Happy weekend!!!

Gosh this week has been such a long week. My mind has been on autopilot, but after a good night's sleep I'm ready to navigate through the weekend ! I currently in the middle of my usual weekend morning routine of planning for the week ahead. I love being able to list out what's coming up and preparing for that. Another thing I like to do is sip on my coffee and recap the week I left behind me. This week wasn't the easiest week for me. But I did learn some great lessons I wanted to share with you all real quick:

  1. Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to be better. // There's no better feeling than knowing I have people in my corner who encourage me to be healthy in all aspects of my life, whether it be emotionally, mentally, soulfully and relationally.
  2. Always kill people with kindness. // Shine light onto others and let your kindness be your legacy.
  3. If your intuition is telling you there's something wrong, it's usually right. // Really listen to that guiding force in your life. For me, that's the Holy Spirit. For you, it could be another guiding force. Whatever it is, listen to it.

What are some great lessons you learned this week?

Before getting on with my weekend festivities, I wanted to share my latest OOTD.


The cold shoulder trend is pretty prominent this year and I absolutely love it. They say it's best to show off some of your great features when you wear clothing. For me, I love my shoulders. Kind of a weird thing to love, right? Lol.


This black off the shoulder top is one of my favorites. The metallic design on it makes this simple black too stand out a bit more.


I thought this floral printed skirt would be a great match with this top. I matched it with this funky belt I found at this trade in party I went to with Gman. People bring stuff in that they want to get rid of. I saw it and thought it was treasure. I absolutely love it. It's a pretty distinct belt and can't be worn with too many outfits, but I tried matching it with this outfit and it worked really well. I think it worked well mostly because of the colored jewels to match the colorful florals on the skirt. I followed my instinct and the outfit came together perfectly. Sometimes, I'm not always sure about my ideas, but I've learned not to doubt myself too much. Goes back to what I learned this week about following my intuition ;)


Hope you guys have an awesome Saturday