Accessory of the Moment: Onyx XOXO

If you know me, then you know I love love LOVE gold jewelry !! As a color of royalty, gold accessories make me feel more elegant when I wear them. I find them wore wearable and easier to pair with my outfits compared to silver jewelry. But what I love most is gold bohemian jewelry. So when I discovered Onyx XOXO one day at WWD MAGIC, I instantly fell in love !

Just a sidenote, Onyx XOXO jewelry is designed and created by song writer and recording artist, Dani W. Her creations symbolize her passion for women to customize their world through their wardrobe, which I absolutely admire. With that being said, it's not surprising that this Prosperity Gemstone Royalty Gemstone Ring made me empowered and confident!

This ring is something I could wear to work, out with my friends or during date night. The first time I wore this ring, I actually showed it off at my first week of work. Because the ring made me feel elegant and empowered, I matched it with my embroidered puff sleeved blouse from Forever 21 and my dark red skirt I found at Good Will. The Prosperity Royal Gemstone Ring made for a great eye candy piece on my hand. Although the ring is quite large, it added just the right amount of shine to my outfit.

For more gorgeous accessories and styles, check out Onyx XOXO jewelry! Also, don't forget to follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @ONYX_XOXO :)