Fashion Favorites: Hottie's World

I'm always reluctant to try new trends just because I'm not sure whether I could pull them off or not. Sometimes, I'll try a trend and it'll be a fiasco forever embedded into my brain (Ex: Bell Sleeves). Other times, I'll try a trend and be proud that I could actually pull it off! (Ex: The onesie top below).

Would you ever think that this long sleeved-shirt was actually a onesie?! These tops have been a trend for a while now, but they looked uncomfortable to me, so I steered clear of them. After wearing one, I have to say...they aren't half bad, especially if you're trying to find a nice way to wear a "tucked in" shirt. 

Aside from being a onesie top, I thought the cutouts on the shoulders added a nice touch. The back of the onesie also had a deep curve on it, so in essence this top showed some skin. 

I matched the onesie with this crocheted skirt. I loved the technique of the design and how the two different pieces matched together rather perfectly.

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