Fashion Favorites: JustFAB

You know what's the best kind of clothing? FREE clothing. You know what even better than free clothing? FREE FASHIONABLE clothing!

I used to be part of (owned by JustFAB), a personalized online boutique. There's a VIP program where I was charged $39.95 a month to shop products at a low price point. However, I could choose to skip a month if I wanted and my account wouldn't be charged the $39.95. It was great at first, but I don't always have the money to shop. Eventually, I decided to stop my membership because I would forget to skip a month and my card would get charged. So when I called to cancel my membership, the customer service rep informed me that when ShoeDazzle charged my account, I actually accumulated points that I could use to purchase free products. This beautiful purple dress is one of the items I chose!

This dress is free flowing and very comfortable. I would say this is definitely a formal dress that I could wear to a nice event, cocktail hour, or a night out with my friends. 

What I love most about this dress is the color and the cutouts. The purple goes well with my skin tone and it also helps that it's one of my favorite colors. Also, I love showing off my shoulders and this allows me to do in a really sophisticated way. 

I paired the dress with my magenta colored heels so I could play around with the color scheme. I also think this dress would look great with gold metallic heels so it can match the gold embellishments on the dress.

I love the collar of the dress because it brings some extra flash to this dress. The style and design is very unique!