Ulta Gold Eyeshadow & NYX Matte Lipstick // Beauty Picks & Tricks

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Hello, beautifulssss:)

I hope you guys are having a great week so far. Mine has been good, just working (of course) and am starting to feel the excitement for the holidays. I'm one of those people who love the holidays, mainly because of the season's fashion and colors (ANNNDDD because it's Jesus' birthday and family/friendship togetherness & love and allll that toooooo 0:) lol) But you all know I LOVE gold. My phone case is gold, my wallet is gold, my car is gold, my business card holder is gold, most of my jewelry has gold accents, and my freaking logo is gold ! Lol!

And just my luck, gold is one of the main holiday colors aside from green and red. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I incorporate gold into my make up, right? Also, I love wearing red coral lips, so I incorporated that color into my make up this season as well. I think the red and gold make a great match. Red is more bold and in your face while gold is sparkly and bit more subtle. 

  ULTA Brilliant Color Eyeshadow in Gold

The shadow I've been using is from Ulta's very own beauty line. It's a medium coverage shadow, but very buildable. When I put the shadow on my eyes, I tend to layer up on two coats. A couple sweeps of the glitter is all you really need. The glitter is packed in pretty tightly in the container, but I noticed it comes out a bit loose when you actually use a brush to put on the shadow. 

This matte lipstick from NYX tho !!!!!! So I didn't jump on the bandwagon when matte lipsticks first became a thing because whenever I would try to test one out, my lips would end up dry and it was soooooo annnoying. I actually bought the NYX matte lipstick on impulse one day because I really liked the color. Plus, it was on sale and who on earth can say no to that?! ;)  

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with this lipstick. My routine usually is to apply chapstick on my lips first and then I do one to two coats of the lippy. It pretty much lasts all day and this is coming from the gal who sips on coffee/tea/water throughout the whole day. The only times I've ever had to reapply are after I eat a meal. Other than, that's pretty much it. This doesn't leave my lips chapped or dry or any of the usual annoying downsides of wearing a matte lipstick. It doesn't leave my lips supple per say, but leaves them smooth throughout the day. 

Love the combination of using them both on my face! 
Upclose of my final look ! Voilá :) 
Obviously in love  ;)

What's your guys' favorite holiday make-up looks? What colors do you guys like to use? Leave a comment below !  


Enjoy your night, lovies.

Thanks for readin' Xo