Desert Daisy Jewelry & NikDreamer // Designer Spotlight


Hey guys! Hope you've been having an amazing week so far :)

November is finally upon us and you guys have no idea how excited I am because that means it's officially the holiday season. Sooner or later, Christmas lights will be lighting every street you drive down thru, your local radio stations will play every Christmas song ever written on a long loop (perhaps annoyingly in case you are the type of person who loathes this), and every mall will be full of people as they bustle in and out of the store boutiques trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr *insert song and dramatic dance moves here*

I personally haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, but I am trying to find what are the best presents out there and plan a way to get them on sale. I might resort to being direct with my friends & family and just straight up ask them what they want. Although their present may lose some surprise effect points, this is a faster way for me to shop. Haha!

But enough about THAT! I wanted to  talk about two holiday collections that are debuting this season by local jewelry designers/artists, Emma Kelly of Desert Daisy Jewelry & Nicole Rosano of Nikdreamer.

Now, you may or may not have seen a piece I wrote about Desert Daisy Jewelry before that was plastered on all my social media feeds. If not, you can see that here

So these two talented ladies are some of our city's greatest crystal jewelry designers. Each lady owns thriving businesses that produce unique one of a kind pieces that are handcrafted with love and passion for their industry. They both are also great friends with each other and recently held a Holiday Collection Launch Event. So guess what: Lil ol' me was able to get a sneak peak of all their beautiful creations! Read more about these talented designers to learn about their latest collections, the inspirations behind them and what they think is the best part of their jobs.

Tell us a little bit about your brands.

DDJ: Desert Daisy Jewelry is built around a love of crystals, unique jewelry and a connection to our earth. I have a science background, but following my heart has led me on a winding path to where I am now, creating accessories that highlight the natural, raw beauty in the world. I travel all over the southwest to find the perfect stones, each one is hand selected by me for that extra something they seem to radiate. Beauty to me does not lay in perfection, which means the stones I naturally end up with are selected for character and depth. I find myself inspired by the unique energy of each stone I work with.

ND: Nikdreamer specializes in handcrafted gems and jewels made for the rebels, lovers, and dreamers. The collection is made with mystic crystals and natural gemstones, turquoise from the southwest, charms, and mixed metals. The jewelry line was inspired by my move to the southwest in the fall of 2011. I have always been a wanderer at heart, living for adventure, and looking for those to share dreams and passion with. 

What is the inspiration behind creating your holiday collection?

DDJ: I wanted to create a collection this year that embodied this magical time, but would be a piece someone could wear all year long. I had this image in my head of these ice caves in Sweden, where there just large caverns with icicles dripping from the ceiling. I started hunting for the tiniest little quartz points to build these pieces, and the designs came together easily once I got started. 

ND: This holiday collection is called, “the golden age” which is my first collection of the year. The word “golden” kept appearing in past months to me. The golden age represents a time of peace, prosperity, and happiness. I am hitting a peak moment in my life just as this collection unfolds for big changes and self-discovery. The golden age is just the beginning of it all.

What is the best part about being a jewelry designer?

DDJ: There are so many wonderful aspects to what I do. I love that I can create jewelry that holds meaning for each of my customers. I have a chance to be creative everyday, as well as an excuse to travel and search out the perfect crystals for each design. But hands down the best part has been the amazing people I have met through this work. Whether it is customers who share my love for crystals, fellow artists and designers who have welcomed me with open arms, or creative stylists and bloggers who help me spread the word about my work. I can't even begin to express how much my life has changed for the better because of all the amazing people who have come into my life.

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ND: Working with gemstone brings me joy every day. I think the most gratifying moment being a jewelry designer is when you see or hear from customers how happy the gems make them. I also really love the sourcing aspect in jewelry design. I travel around the southwest to find and hand pick my gemstones used for the collection. I enjoy meeting the miners and learning the backstory to where all the gemstones that I work with are from.

What are some special attributes to your pieces? 

DDJ: Most of my designs are created in copper, through a process which uses electric current instead of heat. Many customers do not know the wonderful properties of copper, it has been used in healing for ages now and is widely worn to help with inflammatory issues such as arthritis. It is also a micronutrient which can be absorbed through the skin and helps increase energy levels overall. 

I also use the copper to highlight any cracks, crevices or other unique markings on the stone. This means no two pieces will ever be the same

ND: Each piece is made to order and hand crafted just for you. Most of the gemstone used in collections is one of a kind. Every gemstone and crystal is cleansed and charged to vibrate positive energy. All can be used for healing and spirituality. You can find most of the metaphysical properties for the gemstones in the shop descriptions on the shop website linked below.

Which piece from your holiday collection is your favorite?

Crystal Caves Sacred Triangle from

DDJ: This one is a hard one. While I am partial to the crystal crown rings, I think there is something especially magical about the Crystal Cave Sacred Triangle Pendant. I have been working with inverted triangles in my work for awhile now, and I love how this pendant incorporates that element into the new collection. I want customers to feel the evolution of my designs, to keep growing as an artist, but have the progression be natural and recognizable to those who are following along on my journey.

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ND: Oh my, that is always so hard to pick a favorite I have a love for them all. I do adore all the littles in this collection. They’re fun to mix, match, and stack made in both silver and gold. All the gemstones used for the golden age are some of my favorites of the year. Sunstone, rutilated quartz, and topaz (my birth stone). I worked with all faceted gemstones that added a lot of sparkle to the collection. Also working with gold metal is always a favorite!

How can people get in contact with you for purchase?

DDJ: I am active on Instagram and always post new work there before shows and online. You can find me there at @desertdaisyjewelry. I also have a website which has an online shop, contact form for custom work, and my blog for behind the scenes peaks at the creative process.

ND: The golden age collection has not been released in shop yet. The collection launch date is November 15th and will be available at
I can be reached by email for any custom design inquiry or you can shop all current designs on our website and Instagram at @nikdreamer