Fashion Favorites: Patty's Closet

One of the coolest things about fashion is seeing how different pieces can mix together. I love taking something a bit casual and matching it with something that's a little more dressed up. So when I went to Patty's Closet's Rainbow and Windmill location, I saw this jean skirt (yes, A JEAN SKIRT) and knew exactly what I was going to pair it with. Instead of a regular t-shirt or tank. I wanted to wear the skirt with a dressier top and heels. And WA-LAH! I bring you today's Fashion Favorites entry ;)

I took last week's accessories and used it this week as well. Aside from showing versatility in those pieces, I knew a brown belt and shoes would be the best neutral color to go with.

Gosh, Patty's Closet does it again!!! Thank you to Angel at the Rainbow and Windmill location for being so accommodating and providing me with excellent customer service ! You are a doll face, m'dear <3

Shout-out to Ben Sahagun Photography for these great pictures! I wish I could play dress up and gallivant around this spot EVERY DAY. Lol.

Happy Friday, all! Xo