Beauty Picks & Tricks: L'Occitane Peony Perfecting Mist


Back in June, I had a portfolio show at the Fashion Show Mall where I showcased the projects I'd been working on throughout my school career. During this event, I knew I would be running around, setting up my booth and then talking to people under lights from 8 am to 1 pm. Because of this, I knew that I would need to keep retouching my make-up because I have somewhat oily skin. But of course, because I would be so busy, I needed to touch-up my make-up QUICKLY. The day before the show, I visited L'Occitane (Lox-ee-tan) where I met an awesome sales associate named Niko (Niko if you're reading this: You're awesome!!!). I told him about my event and he referred me to their Peony Perfecting Mist.

If you're usually a busy bee and need something quick and easy to use. The mist helps:

  • Refresh your skin
  • Reduces pores
  • Refines the skin while leaving a delightful scent on your face.

Over-all, this is a great product and works super well with my combination type skin, which is a bonus for me! Sometimes it's difficult to find products that perfectly pair with my skin-type. So you best believe that this perfecting mist will be a staple product in my make-up bag!

To see how I use this products, check out my YouTube video below :) Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on my favorite beauty products!