Style Spotlight: Candace Jackson

What I love most about Vegas (aside from all the food and shopping) is the people and art culture. Most people think that Las Vegas is just the strip and that's it. However, this is a city thriving on people and their artistic passions. Here, you'll find events that show off people's skills like dancing, singing, cooking, painting, drawing, designing, and photography. It may be a small community of artists, but there's a lot of art just waiting to pop out at you if you really look. One awesome artist I've met while living here is named Candace Jackson. Candace and I met about two years ago while attending class at the Art Institute. It wasn't until just a few months ago that we talked and I realized her passion about art, especially painting customized sneakers. I've always felt lost when it came to sneakers, but Candace's knowledge and love for them keep me interested on the matter. I think the fact that she can take something and put her own artistic touch on it is something really special.

Aside from her talents, Candace also has really great style, always rocking a fitted cap with one of her favorite pair of sneakers. Again, a fitted cap and sneakers is never really my go-to outfit, but Candace wears them with pride and confidence, as if she could have started the whole trend herself.

For this week's Style Spotlight, I had a chance to meet with Candace and we talked more about art, style, her inspirations, and aspirations. Read below for the full interview, to see her #ootd, and some of her customized sneakers and drawings.

Full name: Candace Michelle Jackson

Age: 27

City/State: Largo, Maryland

How would you describe your style?
Real Comfortable. Black and red are my favorite colors. And if we can top that off with a Panda hat, then hey, LIFE is GOOD!

 You have a passion for sneakers and custom designing them. How exactly did you get into that?
I have always had an obsession with sneakers. My first pair was the Dr. J Julius Erving’s Converse Pros. This was in elementary school, and those were my favorite shoes. Plus I played basketball. As a kid, you always had to have the shoes your favorite players are wearing. If you were a girl and got picked first by the boys, then you know what I am talking about.

Through middle school and high school, I had every pair of Jays that were released. I had an obsession, but I didn't really get into customizing shoes just yet. The first pair of shoes I painted were some low-top canvas shoes from Walmart. I was bored sitting in class and I had a Silver Sharpie, sitting, so I went to town and probably emptied the sharpie. Then this girl asked me where I got my shoes from. I told her I did it in class, and she asked me to do her a pair, and that is how I started customizing shoes.

I also had this one art teacher in high school. She was real cool, very Hippie like; and she would let me sit in her class all day and just paint. She actually helped me, honestly.

What do you think is a sneaker everyone should have in their closet?
Converse Chuck Taylor Low-tops

Finish the sentence: Painting makes me feel...
Complete. Most people don’t have a passion for anything.

When it comes to creating art on paper or canvas, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Everything I see, everything I feel, my random thoughts and my overly active imagination. Inspiration comes from the most random places. It can be a color, a sound or a even a smell that triggers a feeling, that creates this energy; All you want to do is let it out and express it.

People seem to think that Vegas doesn't have an art community. As an artist living in Vegas, I'm sure you disagree. But what exactly is the art community like in Vegas?
The art community in Vegas is very small. There are many talented artists in this city, but no one is ever exposed to it because it is not publicized. On the flip side, people here are very accepting to the art that is created here. It is amazing. It's not just limited to canvas, but the medias used. It’s amazing some of the things people come up with.

What's something you feel like the world is lacking and needs more of?
Humility and people taking more responsibility for their actions.

What's the best present someone has ever given you?
My Dad gave me a book when I was 13. It breaks down how the world functions.

Describe your perfect day.
Waking up about 11am to Kanye West’s “Late”. Then putting on an outfit I have never worn before and a pair of Yeezy 2’s with the glow in the dark soles. I walk outside and start my Delorean, tank on full of course. And I take a trip to my grandparents house, let them get ready, and we ride out wherever they want to go, whatever they want to do. That would be my perfect day.

What's your favorite animal?

If you could get up and move right now, where would you go? 
Venice. I want to see it before it becomes the real Atlantis.

Do you have any personal goals you want to accomplish this year?
Open a pop up shoe store for a day stocked with inventory created by me.

Happy Tuesday, folks Xo