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Style Spotlight: Habebah Abdulrahim

Although I'm a fashion major, people tend to make the assumption that I'm automatically in fashion design. The sad truth is, I am not much of a drawer. I took a fashion sketching class at the Art Institute and I absolutely dreaded it. However, it was so much fun to see other people's work, other people who could actually draw and design. One lady who took that class with me was my friend, Habebah...

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Style Spotlight: Candace Jackson

What I love most about Vegas (aside from all the food and shopping) is the people and art culture. Most people think that Las Vegas is just the strip and that's it. However, this is a city thriving on people and their artistic passions. Here, you'll find events that show off people's skills like dancing, singing, cooking, painting, drawing, designing, and photography. It may be a small community of artists, but there's a lot of art just waiting to pop out at you if you really look. One awesome artist I've met while living here is named Candace Jackson...

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