Lorna Jane + Turbo Kick LIVE


When it comes to working out, I like to mix things up a bit so it doesn't get repetitive. However, I will say that when it comes to cardio, I'm pretty boring. When cardio day hits, the first exercise I think of is running. But when I saw that Lorna Jane Active was hosting a Turbo Kick LIVE event at their store, I wanted two things: One, I wanted to see if Turbo Kick LIVE was as intense as I heard it was. And two, I wanted to come back and shop for all the awesome sportswear! If you haven't heard of Lorna Jane Active, here's the low down...

Lorna Jane Clarkson is the founder of this inspiring sports wear brand. As an Aussie native who adores living a healthy lifestyle, she believes that all women should feel empowered to lead the best lives they can through what they call "Active Living". Lorna believes in three things to maintain a healthy lifestyle inside and out: Move Nourish Believe. These three icons are important to Lorna and what the brand stands for; her company isn't just a sports wear brand, but a healthy lifestyle experience that empowers women everywhere. She believes in a take charge attitude while following positive daily mantras to better yourself.

Aside from that, she takes pride in her garments, giving attention to the smallest details of every piece of clothing made and sold. From graphic tees, to sport's bras, to work out pants and shorts, Lorna gives meaning to designing and constructing her pieces. Each item is made with love... literally. Lorna adds a tag into every garment showcasing the words "With Love" followed by a heart. This represents the love and care Lorna and her team put into every inch of the garment that's made.

As a woman who is on her own fitness journey, it can be nerve-wrecking to stay motivated when it comes to working out. With Lorna Jane's can-do attitude and passion for woman empowerment in the fitness realm, her movement of Move Nourish Believe inspires me! It's so great to know that there's a brand likes hers that radiates such positive light, especially since her brand sets a unique standard for women's sports wear.

On the day of the fitness event, I walked into the Fashion Show mall on a sunny Saturday morning feeling tired, but excited. Although I was exhausted, I wanted to push myself and give this work out my all. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I figured this work out would really have me working up a sweat!

Once 10:00 am hit, it was time to work out! I was introduced to the trainers, Katie & Shawnta, along with their friend, T, who's been doing Turbo Kick for a while. Being a newbie, I was a bit intimidated that I was surrounded by people who knew what to expect, but I was psyched to get started!

[wpvideo dEpcOKJg] Shawnta continued to amp out the workout. Whew, she had me WORKIN! Lol.

[wpvideo 17GQypnp]  Although I was tired, the moves were fun and encouraged me to keep going.

To end the event, Colleen and Claudia hosted a sale, where customers could come and shop at a discounted price. A good work out AND super cute work out clothes? Definitely one of the coolest events I've been to!

Thank you to Colleen and Claudia and Lorna Jane Active for hosting such a great in-store event! Also, thanks to Katie, Shawnta and T for amping up my workout and inspiring me to work my hardest! You guys rock :)

To learn more about Lorna Jane Active and to see their collection, go to: http://www.lornajane.com/

Happy Wednesday, loves!