Truth or Myth: Lash Extensions with Zoraya // Beauty Tips & Tricks


Let’s face it: Having long lush lashes are every woman’s dream.
I remember being in high school and buying tubes of Too Faced’s Lash Injection mascara just to get that long lush look. Even to this day, I look at Instagram post after Instagram post of IG make-up baddies who flawless apply lash strips as if they came out of the womb with the talent. Personally, applying lashes is such a task for me, something that I struggle with, because straight up, I’m a newb when it comes down to it. After countless minutes of spending time applying lashes and being completely unsatisfied with my application, I decided to stick with mascara and I’ve stayed in my zone since. But of course, there was one thought that would sneak into my mind every so often:

“Why don’t you just try lash extensions?”

I did my research as lash extensions have become a popular work-around to achieving long lush lid curtains. I saw how amazing women looked as they flaunted their long locks in pictures and thought how neat it was. But I ended up in the spiral of all the horror stories of lash extensions and ended up scaring myself out of even wanting them anymore.

It wasn’t until one fine afternoon when I got to sit with Grey Artistry LV lash artist, Zoraya, that my knowledge and insight of lash extensions was broadened, helping me understand the pros and cons of the lash extension process. After a long debate, I decided to go for it: I got lash extensions. So I booked an appointment with Zoraya and anxiously awaited for the day where my lashes would be getting their lift.


The planning before the actual process of getting lash extensions applied was probably the hardest. Zoraya had suggested it was best to pick out a style that I liked so I could go into the appointment knowing what I wanted. I didn't want to do a volume set because I wanted my lashes to still look natural. In the end, I ended up picking a classic set, giving my eyes just enough pop in length and volume.

If you’re nervous about lash extensions, then you’re like me because I was nervous as all heck! So before the procedure, I compiled together some of the rumors of lash extensions and chatted with Zoraya to play a game of Truth or Myth.


Truth or Myth


Truth or Myth: Eyelash extensions are damaging to your eye.
Myth- Lack of skill and what glue you use are the only ways for eyelash extensions to go wrong.

"All lash extension adhesives are made with cyanoacrylate, which is a medical adhesive that is used in and on our bodies. When cyanoacrylate cures, polymers form and allergies are then produced and become present on some individuals. Always consider getting an allergy test at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment if you experience sensitivities."


Truth or Myth: The style of extension you get will determine how damaging the extension will be
Myth - The style is strictly for your preference. A heavy set of extension lashes will not damage your eye. It all goes back to craft of how the process is done.

"As lash artist, we judge which style lash to put on your natural lash based on the thickness of your natural lash and the health. You could get a classic set, but it'll look different based on the uniqueness of your eyes."



Truth or Myth: My lashes will fall off if I get eyelash extensions.
Myth- Eye lashes go through a natural 3 step cycle of growing out and falling out.

"Your eyelashes fall out every 4-6 weeks you just don't realize it because they are small and fine. Eyelash extensions only get a bad rap because its more noticeable to spot a natural lash when it sheds as its attached to long, thick solid black fibers. People don't realize the process is completely normal and not a result of the extensions (think of the lashes that call fall off your face and that you superstitiously make a wish on)."


Truth or Myth: Maintenance for eyelash extensions is important.
Truth - Fills should be done every 2 weeks to keep your extensions nice and pretty. Also, oil-free make-up remover is an important factor when removing any make-up that is close to the eyelash extensions.

"Maintaining your lashes will ensure the best possible wear out of your extensions. Whether you wear makeup or not, you should bathe your lashes three times a week using baby shampoo and a soft makeup brush. Lashes are a luxury, so treat them with care and they will stay healthy and nice!"



file-25 (2).jpeg

My classic set of lashes look natural and awesome! I laid in Zoraya's recliner chair for 2 and a half hours and fell asleep with a snuggly blanket. It was quite the luxurious experience. I loved waking up and seeing a new set of lashes on my eyes. I don't think they're too long or are too much. I absolutely love them.

It was weird waking up the next day with new lashes because I'm so used to rubbing my eyes when I'm tired. I rubbed my eyes and almost freaked myself out when I felt the lashes. LOL!

One thing I absolutely love is that my make-up application time has been cut in half now. It used to take me long to apply eyeliner and mascara because I wanted to show my lashes, but now my lashes are long and lush, so I don't have to take the extra effort to do that.

The best part of all?

No one noticed I got extensions, which was something I wanted to control.

I didn't want my extensions to be so obvious that people would make a comment. I wanted them to look natural and long that they just looked like they were my own!



Grey Artistry sells a "Lash Bath", perfect for cleaning the lashes. 

Grey Artistry sells a "Lash Bath", perfect for cleaning the lashes. 

  • Use a soft make-up brush and oil free cleanser to gently wash the lash line. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry and brush lashes out with mascara wand. (picured above)
  • Go light on the make-up, especially eye-make-up.
  • Avoid creme, gel, and pencil eyeliners and gel shadows because they are extremely difficult to remove.



About Zoraya

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I've been doing lashes for 2 years. When I'm not lashing, I'm running around with my toddler! I absolutely love what I do because lashing gives me a chance to relax. It’s also very competitive. I love learning about the different styles and techniques because they are constantly changing.”

Why are you passionate about being a lash artist?

“As women, naturally we are always so busy. We are constantly looking for a quick fix, especially in beauty, and eyelash extensions are exactly that! Even on our ugliest days, we still feel a little prettier. I love being able to help with that.”

How have you seen lash extensions affect the beauty industry?

“I am actually blown away with how much the beauty industry has exploded. Eyelash extensions have been around for many years and they are not going anywhere. It’s becoming a very popular trend. I'm so glad to be a part of it. I love learning the new techniques for different looks, about the health of our natural eyelashes, and learning how to help those who do not have many eyelashes. It’s important to feel good and it’s a very rewarding feeling when you can help someone's confidence!”



If you're looking to learn more about lash extensions or are interested in getting a set put on, book with Zoraya at Grey Artistry located at 4590 W Sahara Ave Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Be sure to follow Zoraya on Instagram for more lash styles and looks. :)