The Ceremony // A G & G Wedding

It’s been almost 3 months since mine and Gedalya’s wedding. Just like everyone said, the time went by so fast that before we knew it, the happiest night of our lives was over. The memories of that magical night will forever be stored in mine and Gedalya’s hearts forever.

Just like any other bride, I’m so excited to share some of my favorite moments from the big day with you all. Most importantly, I am excited to share these pictures because they have beautifully captured Gedalya and I tying our union and beginning our own families. Getting to that alter was one of the biggest battles of our lives, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These pictures aren’t just a representation of our wedding, but the start of two people’s souls combining together, two people who many people doubted, but that God deemed to be together regardless of what the world thought. You are seeing two individuals creating a covenant being made with the Lord and forever vowing to love, honor and protect each other for the rest of their lives.