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Hey, loveies!

Hope your Labor Day weekend has been exciting and fun. I love that there's a day to celebrate the workforce here in America and how we get a day off for it. I've been enjoying my three day weekend with catching up on blog work, sleep, and spending time with loved ones.

I actually had quite an unforgettable week last week because my older brother came into town! I haven't seen him in a couple years, so it was such a great visit. I love my brother a lot and he's partially taken over the father figure role in my life since my Dad passed. We're pretty close and I always miss him, so it was amazing to see him here!

He made a trip for my Mom's 60th birthday (who apparently never seems to age because she will always look like she's 40 years old to me). It was a fun hanging out, talking, relaxing and celebrating. 

Some of the highlights of my brother's trip here was that we went out to eat together and watched Mystere at Treasure Island, which was AMAZING! My Mom has lived in Vegas for 10 years and it was her first Cirque du Soliel show. She said she really loved it, so my brother and I were happy. For her birthday, she invited her co-workers to eat with us at the M Resort buffet, Studio B. I have to say, it was one of the best buffets I've ever eaten in, and that says a lot considering Las Vegas has TONS of buffets. My Mom seemed to enjoy her day considering she doesn't really do too much to celebrate her birthdays. Overall, it was a great week. As long as my Mom was happy, that's all that really mattered. For me, it's just been nice to get away from the computer and spend time with her and my brother. 

As a full time worker with a company that allows me to work from home and with running Dizzy Spangle, I work so much on the computer in a solo environment. It's made social interactions even more important for me because it tends to get pretty lonely. I've been doing okay with everything, but sometimes it's nice to actually talk to people face to face. LOL! If any of you guys work from home and have some tips on staying focused and not letting loneliness get the best of you, drop them in the comments below ;)

I think because of this, spending time with my family last week was even more enjoyable for me. My mom, brother and I don't get to spend time together like that because of distance and schedule conflicts. It sounds like next year will be better because of my wedding (little family reunion) and more family from the Philippines and California flying into town in December during the holiday. I am SO excited for this because having my family together for the holidays is such a rare occurrence. It'll be such a great time, I can't wait. :)

Pictures by  Gman  <3

Pictures by Gman <3

I wanted to share a post today featuring my floral dress from Zara. I specifically remember buying this dress because it was on a shopping trip with friends where I knew I probably shouldn't have even been shopping. (Ladies, you know what I'm talkin' about) But of course, the curse of the semi-annual sale took over me and I just couldn't help myself. 


This is a button down dress that is soft and airy. It has a belted middle, which is nice if you want to show off your waist a bit. I love the ruffled sleeves and the slit in the middle of the dress. And of course, I love the print of the dress. That was the first thing that attracted me to it when I saw it at Zara. It kind of looks like the floral print was painted on the dress.


I matched this with my large gold coined earrings and magenta pointed toe heels. I love the pieces together with this look because it makes it look even more elegant and feminine. I wasn't sure how the styling would go, but it worked out pretty well! 

If I could choose other accessories, I would go with a pair of blue tassel earrings and nice pair of black high heeled and lace up gladiator sandals.


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Also, what do you think of the new look on the site?! I spent a few hours one night just rearranging everything and I absolutely love how it turned out. 

I'm going to start doing a monthly newsletter and blasting it out at the end of the month. If you want to sign-up, you can do so at the bottom of my home page :)

Happy Monday.