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Oh hayyyyy there fellow reader!

Just a spiler alert, I'm about to talk about something personal, but the whole story has a point, I promise. So please bare with me, okay?

One of the things I've always struggled with is my curves. From when I was little, I was fed this idea that being thin and skinny was the best way to look. Because I love food and pretty much ate as a hobby, I was naturally curvy. Thing is, I didn't want to be because I thought that based on how my peers, celebrities and just the whole world was telling me, being skinny was in and having curves was out. 

Starting off in junior high and all the way through high school, I was fed this lie. Being the brainwashed child that I was, I strived to achieve that perfect body by "watching what I ate" (which basically meant eating nothing at all) and working out like a madgirl every day after school. I set ridiculous goals for myself every week and somehow achieved them. I'm talking like losing 5 pounds in a week when I was already 100 pounds. Soooooo bad!

Long story short, I  ended up being 95 pounds while being 5'1 and finally realized that this whole trying to be skinny thing had gotten too far. My cheek bones looked sunken in, my appetite was damaged and my self-esteem was warped around a ridiculous perception of beauty. The whole reason I did it was so I could feel good about myself because I didn't think I was enough when it all reality, I should have just accepted my flaws as they were.

I've come a long way with accepting my body and building my confidence back up. I've worked hard to focus on living a healthy lifestyle of working out and eating well. What's good is that I balance everything out and don't deny myself of indulging in my favorite foods once in a while (PIZZA AND CHIPS AND ICE CREAM PLEASE <3)

Now why is this important? Well, my beautiful designing friend Winnie Shao from Iris Patrick makes these kick-butt onesie shirts and when I put it on, it was the first time in a long time that I actually saw the shape of my body. Yeah, I knew I was curvy, but I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a 113 pd 5'1 and a half asian girl wearing a tight shirt, a girl who one strived to be as skinny as a needle pin and was now sporting a womanly figure. And guess what? I loved the way I look.

Onesie:  Iris Patrick

Onesie: Iris Patrick

For the first time in a while, I actually saw my curves. Most of the time, I wear blouses/shirts that are a bit loose or just focus on the smallest part of my waist. But this onesie hugged just the right places of my body. It made me think of my journey of self acceptance and how I've struggled. As corny and ridiculous as it sounds this shirt made me feel pretty confident in the way I look today, a milestone goal that I'm proud to shout to the world.

The best feature of the onesie is that it has this super cute iron on sequined lipstick tube. Just adds the feminine sparkle it needs ;)

Moral of this whole rant? LOVE YOURSELF. Don't let the world tell you that you aren't enough based on how you look. Love your body, stay confident and be true to yourself. You are the only you in this whole universe and you should own that! Always remember that everyone was made differently. Strive to be healthy, not thin. If you are working on making your body look the way you want it to, then that's awesome! You betta werrrrrkkk! But don't forget to love yourself in the process. You are beautiful, inside and out. 

Thank you Iris Patrick for making a garment that makes me feel so happy to be me! Check them out on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook.

Also, shout-out to The FashClass for taking these photos of me! If you're in the Vegas area and are looking for portrait shots, hit her up at: She also makes some beautiful couture garments and she's currently selling them as I type! Check out her Facebook page for prices and details :)

Loveeeeee you guys Xo