Fashion Favorites: R & D Hipster Emporium

One thing I love about fashion is how styles and trends recycle throughout time. For example, right now a lot of 60's and 70's inspired looks are coming back into the scene. Mod looks, flared pants, flowy garments, thigh high boots, hippie florals....the works! Since I'm already in love with the bohemian style, it's no surprise that I'm super excited about this. It's definitely nice to see these pieces are more popular making them more accessible. :)

So when I walked into R & D Hipster Emporium at Boca Park in Summerlin, I was so happy to find that not only they carried bohemian style pieces, but other unique items as well! Although I live in Vegas, it can be quite the hunt to find unique pieces to add your wardrobe. However, this place is one of those best kept secrets in the city and has officially become one of my favorite stores.

I went into R & D when I was looking for a dress to wear to MAGIC, a large buyers convention that happens here in Vegas twice a year. Of course I wanted to wear my coolest threads, but had a moment where I stared at my closet full of garments and still saw nothing to wear. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about lol ) That's when R & D came into mind.

I was helped by the cutest sales associate, Casey, who chose a few garments throughout the store. After trying them on and narrowing down what I liked and didn't like, I ended up with this beautiful flowy dress from Show Me Your Mumu.

This dress was such a pleasure to wear !!! What I loved most about this outfit was the sleeves of this dress. It really added something special to this piece because it played up the bohemian style. Plus, I just really love the look of large sleeves. 

I matched it with my magenta colored heels to bring out the floral design of the dress. I didn't do black because I thought it would be fun to do a colored shoe with this outfit :) 

Thanks to Casey from R & D Hipster Emporium for helping me pick out this dress. You can find more of their awesome products on their website at: :)

Shout out to Ben Sahagun Photography for these awesome pic (yet again lol) !

Happy Saturday, loves ! XO