Beauty Picks & Tricks: Billion Dollar Brows- A Hint of Tint


It’s so crazy how eyebrows have become such an important part of beauty. I remember back in high school, I didn’t really even care about filling them in, but at least making sure they were prim and proper. Nowadays, almost every girl I know doesn’t leave the house unless their brows are done. I do think filling in your brows can really make a difference in your make-up. To be honest, it wasn’t until three years ago that I started to even care about filling them in. Now, I can’t help by making my brows lush and full because it just makes me feel better knowing that my window dressing to my eyes are nicely filled. I visited Pink Cherry Wax here in Vegas to get my brows groomed from the beautiful owner of the store, when she suggested I use a great product to keep my brows tame and full. I’m so glad she did because I am now the proud user of Billion Dollar Brows- A Hint of Tint.

This tinted gel is easy to use and gives my eye brows the fill it needs in just a few seconds. Although it took me two tries to really gauge how much gel I should apply on my brows, I can now easily apply this product without any hassle.

Check out my YouTube video below to see how I use this awesome product! You can also see some silly bloopers in the second video below. I’ll apologize for my weirdness beforehand x)

Shout-out to Pink Cherry Wax for making my brows looks nice and fierce! You ladies are magical :)

Happy Friday, everyone ! Xo