Style Spotlight: Lisette Nunez

One of the best things about going to an art school is that I get to meet many people with many talents. One type of art that has a strong hold on my attention is graphic design and the world of typography. My boyfriend and some of my friends are graphic designers and all of them do amazing work! However, there is one friend of mine that I wanted to feature this week, graphic designer Lisette Nunez. Lisette is an adorable bundle of joy, someone who is very passionate about the things she loves, especially graphic design and typography. At the age of 22, she graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas and is out in her field doing work. Although she is a busy bee, she still manages to look stylish, wearing looks that encompass the "girl next door" style. Her style is simple, cute, and functional.

I met up with Lisette the other day in downtown Las Vegas and we had blast ! Check out the interview below to see her thoughts on her style, the art of thrifting, the art world, and some of her favorite things. :)

Full Name:Lisette Nunez


Where are you originally from?Los Angeles, California

How would you describe your style?

I am all about the three "CCC's" comfort, casual, with a hint of chic. In other words, I am your modern girl next door who prefers to wear a simple top, comfortable denim jeans, paired with some cute booties. I am slightly obsessed with booties. I own a black, brown, and gray pair and yet, I still feel like I could buy more. They are my go to shoe because they go with just about everything.

I stick to one color scheme within my wardrobe. You'll see nothing but neutral colors: Blacks, browns, greys, khakis and especially MAROON. Im not saying I hate cool colors, but I’d rather wear a blush pink over a hot pink. Haha!As for accessories, I am always seeking the one that no one has, the odd one in the family because I have the perfect outfit for them!

How do you feel about shopping in thrift stores?
To me, thrift shopping is like looking into an old treasure chest.  It takes time and patience to really dig through everything, but in the end you’ll be surprised as to how many gems, gold, and other pretty stuff you’ll find! People have so many opinions on thrift shopping, but the moment I find the perfect Levi’s jean jacket for $5, I could care less!I want to say that half of my wardrobe are treasures found at Goodwill and Plato’s Closet.  Even for my DIY projects, I hit up thrift stores first. One day I went to Michael's to look for a cute chalkboard with a decorative frame and I could not believe it was $30! So instead, I found a vintage frame at Goodwill for 50 cents, bought chalk paint for $10 at Home Depot, and wa-lah! An hour later, I have my very own cute chalkboard similar to the one at Michael's for only $10.50. Not to mention paint still left over to make more!

What are some tips you could give us when it comes to thrift shopping?

Tip #1: Be Patient

Tip #2: Think before you purchase. You might get a feeling that you can turn just about any item into a cool DIY project. But before you start seeking, go on Pinterest and to find inspiration so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

Tip #3 ALWAYS double check front and back for stains or torn fabric. As for home stuff, check for broken or missing pieces. Let's not forget this used to be someone else’s treasures and they might have not take good care of it. Also, wash everything after purchasing them.

Tip #4 Have fun and see things through how i like to call “the Pinterest eyes”.  A blanket with a unique fabric could easily be made into cute pillow cases to accent your couch. Enjoy your thrifting!

So you graduated from the Art Institute as a graphic designer. However, I've seen some of your hand drawn typography work and it looks AMAZING ! How did you get into graphic design and develop skills for typography?
Art has always been an enormous part of my life.  At age 10, I seriously wanted to be the next Picasso. It wasn't until high school that I fell in love with graphic design, all thanks to my yearbook class.  I enjoyed making layouts, playing with images and texts, creating illustrations and more. I fall more and more in love with what I do through the inspiration I take in.Typography didn't mean much to me at first. In fact, it was the subject I hated the most. I struggled within my classes, so decided to go old school and check out books that could help motivate me to get more into it. I will forever cherish every book I’ve read. Because of the them, I grew more and more into loving it. I would check out 2 or 3 books every two weeks! My favorite ones were the books on handwritten typography. Eventually, I began doing my own. Since then, It is the biggest hobby I enjoy so far!  When I start lettering, I feel as if I am choreographing letters into a beautiful dance.

In the graphic design field, who inspires you?
One of my biggest inspirations is a former instructor of mine, Laurie Nickerson. Not only did she grab my interest when I found out she use to work at Disneyland, but her personality is one to adore. Her work is by far something I could only dream of to reach someday. She makes graphic design look like a fun, not a career or a passion, but just FUN!

Finish the sentence: "Art makes me feel..."
Art makes me feel like the world is blocked out and I’m in my own little world where problems are forgotten and possibilities are endless.

How do you feel about some people saying that having a job in the arts is "not a real job"?
Thankfully I have been blessed with a family who supports what I do and believes in my art. However, to those who have a different opinion, I’d say they need to take a closer look around because art is everywhere. It's all made by someone and that someone got paid for their work.

If everyone had the gift of art, then no one would have a job. Thankfully, we were all gifted differently so that we could share our gifts and talents with one another. Plus, if you think about it, artists who aren't even alive anymore still get paid millions of dollars for their pieces.

What's the biggest life lesson you've learned lately?
I have learned to make each day last and invest on it to the fullest. Now that I work in the big people world, I get too “tired” on my days off, but when it fact I am just lazy. Haha!  Now I have been getting my butt up and doing more with my day. Today is a gift.

How would you spend a perfect day in Las Vegas?
Hmmm... My perfect day would consist of me, my family, and my boyfriend all going out to breakfast in the morning on a perfect sunny day. We would go buy tons of food to make a nice carne asada in our backyard. After dinner, we would all bundle around a fire pit while we watch a movie on the projector in the backyard surrounded by patio lights. So in other words, a day full of FOOD, FAMILY AND FUN!

What's something you've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do?
I have always wanted to paint a giant mural.  I don't know what of, but I have a feeling that when the opportunity comes I will know then.

What's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Mulan. She is just awesome! She saves China, has a dragon as a friend, and ends up with a hot husband!

If you could be any Disney princess, who would you be?
I would be Snow White. Not only is she the first Disney Princess to make it to the big screen, but she can bake pie and I can't.  Also, she has a beautiful voice that attracts little woodland animals to help her clean and who doesn't want that?! Her prince also has a beautiful voice and is handsome. So win-win for Snow!

What are three essential beauty products in your life?
1.EOS lip balm because it smells good and its a lot I bought my first one a year ago and I still have a lot left over.

1. 2. My EOS lotion. I love it because it smells good and I love the packaging.

3. Lastly, what every girl needs to have, a bath and body works hand sanitize r. I prefer Japanese Cherry Blossom.

When it comes to desserts, which confection can you not live without?

ICE CREAM!!! WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!! Well, at least I do! I love it! One I could not live without would have to be mango mochi. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy! But when I can't get a hold of my mochi, I settle with the oh so classic vanilla drumstick! YUM!!

Desserts make life even sweeter. After all, it's just "stressed" spelled backwards! Unwind, my friend and have some ice cream!

What is your goal for 2015?
I hope to accomplish a lot in 2015. My biggest goal I’d have to say is to simply grow to the fullest within my career. 2014 was just the beginning of it, but now things are about to take off. Now with my first job as a graduate, I am learning so much within my field. I am also trying to learn outside of work hours on how to develop more skills to enhance my portfolio. Later this year,  I hope to seek new opportunities within my field. Outside of my career in 2015, I also hope to grow spiritually and gain a better relationship with God and my family!