Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Event and Fundraiser

HIIIIIIIIIIII FRIENDS!!! :D Please excuse the sabbatical I took from writing in Dizzy Spangle. As a student with five classes and entering the work force, this girl just found it hard to juggle everything along with keeping up the blog. Now, as a working girl taking 3 classes and prepping for graduation in June (*insert happy squeal here*), I'm trying to squeeze in more time for Dizzy and provide some great content for you guys. I may not be posting as much, but bear with me! :)

The past few months have been NUTS! I wanna say that I didn't have too many awesome things to write about, but I would be lying if I did. Let me start with a more recent event to get the ball rolling...

Again, I'm graduating in June, which means there's a lot to focus on considering I have to prepare for a portfolio show. So I made a decision at the end of my last quarter that I would take a step back from participating in any school related events to just focus on my remaining classes, work, and graduating. Howeverrrr, I SUCK AT SAYING NO because I love helping my friends. So when my beautiful friend Yanet approached me a week before a fashion show about needing a model for her dress, I just couldn't say no. For one, I wanted to help her so she wouldn't have to scramble around for another model if I turned her down. Two, it was $25 for students to get into the event and my modeling skills (or lack thereof) could get me a free entrance. And third, I dubbed Yanet my Mexican mom at school because she has never failed to help me or show her support for any of my projects and events. How COULD I say no?!

Well, I'm glad I didn't because this fashion show was by far my most favorite show I've ever participated in! The event was called the Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Event and Fundraiser, where the Las Vegas Fashion Council  raised money to benefit their organization and the Spring's Preserve here in Vegas. The event consisted of a social hour with food and drinks, a silent auction, and a fashion show featuring work from local designers and students from the Art Institute of Las Vegas.

Yanet made a few garments and picked two to showcase for the Metamorphosis show. I did a fitting with her the night before to make sure the dress fit and it fit like a glove! The dress was made from tulle, a bra, and beads that she hand sewed to the garment. It was very detailed and beautifully put together.

For the event, I called up my friend Dean Sproule, who is a graduate from Aveda Institute here in Vegas. He does GREAT hair and make-up and knew he would be awesome for the show. Yanet wanted my hair to be braided with contoured make-up, pink eye shadow, and pink lips.

Afterwards, I put on my dress and it was time for the show! Yanet also had another model, Alex, wear one of her dresses in the show. Together, we got ready and hit the runway!

The show was phenomenal! It was held at the Spring's Preserve in the garden area. It was decorated with many beautiful plants, flowers, and flying butterflies everywhere. About 250 people showed up, where they enjoyed an open bar, appetizers, and free gifts from the sponsors.

I'm SO glad I participated in this event as a model. I usually get nervous going on the runway and having everyone look at me. Lol. But this event was fun, exciting, beautifully set-up, and filled with amazing people who were a joy to work with. This was the last event of my school career that I participated in, so it was a great way to end it all.

Thank you to Yanet for asking me to be her model and creating such a beautiful garment. Thank you to Dean for doing my hair and make-up and making me feeling Elsa from Frozen. And thank you to the Las Vegas Fashion Council for allowing our students to be a part of such an amazing event !

Happy Wednesday, folks ! Xo