Flashback Friday: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Viewing Party

The Art Institute is really great when it comes to giving their students opportunities to network and showcase their work. Our school strives to grab opportunities for us in order to make ourselves more prepared for the "real world" aspects of our major. One event in particular happened last month, when 13 fashion design students and graduates from the Art Institute of New York City were given the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of New York fashion week. Because of the partnership between the AI and Mercedes Benz Fashion week, these 13 designers were able to design and showcase their own collections on the runway in front of the top dogs in the fashion industry. Here's the list of student and graduate designers  who were part of the show, where you can read their bios that talk about their inspirations for their collections and their favorite designers.

The whole fashion show was then live streamed to certain Art Institute campuses picked by corporate. My school here in Las Vegas was one of the lucky few that were picked, letting us have the opportunity to throw a viewing party at our school. Here's the video of the live stream we watched that happened New York:


To add some fun to our viewing party, our fashion department also decided to host our very own fashion show on campus right after the live stream. Students who wanted to participate were to style an outfit for a model inspired by one of the 13 designers featured in the fashion show in New York. I partnered with one of my friends, Gabby, and together we decided to draw inspiration from one of the designers, Angelo Rosa, who was influenced by the punk and grunge look. Gabby is an awesome model, so I was SO thrilled to have her walk our look.

For our look, she decided to use pieces from her own closet: a over sized striped shirt with a long black skirt, beanie hat, and high heeled shoes. I decided on dark, edgy make-up and to tease her hair a bit, just to finish off the look. It ended up look awesome and she really fit the style we were going for. Browse through the slideshow below to see for yourself !

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the team who helped us with our show, the stylists, the models, the crowd, and pictures of our fashion show ! Click on any picture to see it in full view.

This show was such a blast to participate in and I'm so glad our campus was chosen to be a part of the fun ! A huge thanks to Gabby for being my perfect little model. Love yah girl ! <3 Also, thank you to everyone who came out and supported our event. You all are wonderful !!!

Until next time, fashion bugs :) Xo