Links of London: An Introduction

When it comes to jewelry, I usually try to stay thrifty. I aim for bohemian style pieces that can be worn with all the flowy apparel in my closet, but sometimes it's nice to splurge a little bit and get a great quality piece of jewelry. Although I'm no expert, I know what I like when I jewelry shop. So when I stopped by Links of London in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Palazzo, I just knew there was something special about the petite shoppe that stood in the middle of the floor. When I walked in, the place seemed to brim with sparkle as each shiny piece of jewelry reflected against the light.

If you haven't heard of Links of London, you're in for a treat ! This company has been around since 1990 and has developed over the years as a quality brand with timeless pieces. They offer accessories for both men and women, ranging from watches to bracelets to necklaces to cuff links to rings. Each piece embodies a classic style with a British twist, giving its customers affordable luxury pieces. Some celebs who are famously known to sport the brand are Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung and Harry Styles.

Now, on their 25th year as an outstanding brand, Links of London has debuted their Timeless Collection. This collection was inspired by the famous clock tower in London, Big Ben. Each piece is sterling silver and exquisitely made with intricate details. I was able to check out the pieces for myself and was so amazed at their stunning designs! Thanks to Lauren for being my model ;)

To see more beautifully crafted designs, visit the Links of London store in the Grand Canal Shoppes :) You can also check out their online store for more stunning pieces from the brand.

Happy Saturday, everyone ! XO

artLIVE! Artists: Interview with Zak Ostrowski

Local artist, Zak Ostrowski, is making leaps and bounds in his career as he showcases his art installation, Gravitation, at the fabulous Delano hotel here in Las Vegas. Despite his busy schedule, I had the chance to catch up with Zak and ask him a few questions about his work, inspiration and his personal thoughts on the Las Vegas art community.

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2015 LVFC Fashion Focus Forum

Note: This article was originally posted on the Las Vegas Fashion Council website and was copied and pasted for my own blog to use as my own content. To see the original post, click here._______________________________________________________________

In a city thriving on excitement, Las Vegas always surprises me. As a Michigan native, never in my life did I think that I would live here. I remember the limited view I had of Vegas. I didn’t think there was anything more than the 4 mile long strip filled with fancy hotels and overpriced souvenirs. As a young lady still trying to find her way through life, I wondered what this city could offer me, if I could find something more thrilling than its gambling tables and hot spot night clubs. When I finally did make the move in 2011, it was then that I started to really understand something about Vegas: There’s more to it than meets the eye.

As I journey through this town, it continues to unveil parts of itself to me, like a new friend willing to share its secrets. One special gem about Vegas is its cultural arts offerings, specifically the fashion industry. As a fashion student at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, I wasn’t entirely sure how I would make it. Would I be successful in my field of choice? Would I land a fashion job in this kind of city? Because how does one become successful in the artistry of fashion, a career that tends to be looked upon as “too ambitious” and dubbed to be a pathway for self-destruction if taken? It’s a lot to think about.

It can be difficult to not let doubt cloud your head. However, the doubt fades away when I surround myself with great people. In my 3 years of being a Las Vegas local and student, I continuously meet successful people who have been in my shoes. These are the people who have risen above their doubt and showed that with hard work and dedication, you can really do anything you set your mind to, even in this city of sin.

One of the many perks of being a student at the Art Institute of Las Vegas (AILV) is that we are presented with opportunities to connect with great people in the industry. We are given the chance to network with them, to draw inspiration from their personal successes. One inspiring event the Art Institute recently held on campus was a Fashion Focus Forum featuring a noteworthy organization, the Las Vegas Fashion Council.

To give some background, the Las Vegas Fashion Council (or LVFC for short) is a non-profit association that combines the city’s fashion professionals, society leaders, business owners and emerging artists, each of whom find fulfillment in transforming the community through the advancement of the fashion industry. It’s a wonderful way for these professionals to connect and create a better economically diverse community here in Vegas.

On May 13th, select members of the Las Vegas Fashion Council were invited to the Art Institute campus to participate in sharing their knowledge and experience with students. They gave great advice about entering the industry and how to successfully make our marks. The panel consisted of four exceptional professionals: Jewelry Designer Dee Berkley, Photographer Jerry Metellus, Merchandising Manager Stephanie Pierotti and the Founder/President of the council, Carrie Carter-Cooper. Another member, Crystal Ann Ghanem, is currently the Director of Sponsorship for the Las Vegas Film Festival and was also an outstanding program contributor to this event.


Carrie started the forum by introducing the fashion council and the successes they’ve reached as an association. She then went on to introduce the esteemed panel. One by one, each person gave a summary on their advancement in the business. As I sat in the audience, I felt liberated hearing each professional speak about their experiences in the industry.


Jerry Metellus introduced himself as a professional photographer who was born in New York and grew up in Montreal, Canada. He started off as a model and dancer in front of the camera and worked his way behind the lens. His achievements include being a guest photographer for America’s Next Top model, working with top talent from Hollywood (such as Paula Abdul, Mike Tyson, B.B. King, and Jerry Seinfeld) and shooting for many of the hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip along with several national publications. His recent project included shooting the cover for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, a very impressive addition to his resume!


Next was Dee Berkley, a local jewelry designer. She grew up in the jewelry business learning every element of the industry, from design to manufacturing to marketing and retail. In 2000, she decided to build her own label where she has made trendy and classic pieces for Zappos, Jack Threads, JC Penney, The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Zulilly and many other boutiques, spas, and online stores. She then opened Berkley Boutiques in 2014, where she empowers women to become business owners by allowing them to carry and sell her beautifully crafted jewelry while making their own schedules and earning an income of their own. She has successfully opened eight Berkley Boutiques nationwide.


The next panelist was Stephanie LaBorde Pierotti. Born in New Orleans and raised in Houston, Texas, Stephanie attended the University of Houston where she majored in Journalism and minored in Marketing. Through her college career, she worked as a free-lance graphic designer and simultaneously managed a record store and interned at major music corporations Capitol Records and Interscope Records. She entered the music business as an Artist Development Representative for Universal Music where she worked with many high profile music artists including Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt, Marilyn Manson, Buckcherry and Godsmack. She then moved on to working for major websites such as and Yahoo! She made her way to Los Angeles and decided to enter the fashion and entertainment merchandise industry where she worked for Hot Topic and Bandmerch. Currently, Stephanie works as the merchandising manager and creative team lead for Scott Brothers Entertainment. She also teaches at the Art Institute of Las Vegas as a fashion instructor and is in the process of developing her own apparel company, Avondale Shirt Company.


Last, but not least, there is Carrie Carter-Cooper. Carrie started off as a model at the age of 15, which allowed her to work with the world’s top fashion designers. In 1997, she opened BESTAgency, which is now the largest talent and entertainment company in Nevada. The company is a model and talent agency that offers event planning, production and décor, while also housing a rehearsal studio and costume department for entertainment programs in the Las Vegas area. The company has been successful in having their hand in many of the attractions on the strip, such as the gondolier rides in the Venetian, the performers in period costumes, night club performers, themed events and the fashion shows at the Fashion Show Mall. Aside from BESTAgency, Carrie is also the Founder and President of the Las Vegas Fashion Council and is an established leader in the industry.

Aside from their outstanding professions, each panelist expressed their thoughts on the local fashion business, ways it’s succeeding, and how to better it. One thing that each panelist agreed upon is that the fashion industry here in Vegas is really taking its form. More people are opening their eyes to the idea of having a successful fashion community in our town. Aside from MAGIC, the world’s largest buyer’s convention, mentions of additional projects that will be established in Las Vegas give me so much hope and excitement for having a successful career in this business.


My favorite part of the fashion forum was when each panelist gave their personal advice. Jerry Metellus stated that it’s best to leave your ego at the door before entering the industry while practicing humility and respect. He stated that the universe will only give you the right people in your life if you put out a positive and enthusiastic vibe. Dee Berkley stated that you can’t forget about yourself and to do things that give you the credibility you deserve. She also strongly emphasized the importance of establishing your own brand and sticking to it. With this being said, Stephanie Pierotti added that it’s important to stay true to yourself and to stand up for what your brand is. She urged us to be creative and think outside the box to successfully reach our audiences. Carrie noted that diversifying our skills is one of the many ways to enhance our careers. She voiced the significance of taking on new and exciting projects to continually refresh our current skills while identifying other tasks that can help us add to our list of talents. Each piece of advice empowered me, allowing me to examine the ways I could apply these words of wisdom to my own career. It was in that moment that my doubt of making it in the industry disintegrated and was quickly replaced with confidence, determination, and fearlessness.

I have never lived in a city where its art leaders formed a professional trade group to make changes for their collective home. It’s thrilling that such passionate individuals would have collaborated on this endeavor. I believe that a community is only as great as the people who live in it. Although the fashion industry in Vegas is still growing its reputation and creating pathways to success, it’s safe to say that this city is not only a great shopping destination, but a place where its community will benefit from all the aspects of the fashion industry. I know Las Vegas’ fashion industry will only continue to blossom, divulging its contribution to the global fashion industry.

Click through the gallery below to see more pictures from the Fashion Focus Forum. (Picture credit goes to Donavon Lockett from Dnd Photgraphy)

Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Event and Fundraiser

HIIIIIIIIIIII FRIENDS!!! :D Please excuse the sabbatical I took from writing in Dizzy Spangle. As a student with five classes and entering the work force, this girl just found it hard to juggle everything along with keeping up the blog. Now, as a working girl taking 3 classes and prepping for graduation in June (*insert happy squeal here*), I'm trying to squeeze in more time for Dizzy and provide some great content for you guys. I may not be posting as much, but bear with me! :)

The past few months have been NUTS! I wanna say that I didn't have too many awesome things to write about, but I would be lying if I did. Let me start with a more recent event to get the ball rolling...

Again, I'm graduating in June, which means there's a lot to focus on considering I have to prepare for a portfolio show. So I made a decision at the end of my last quarter that I would take a step back from participating in any school related events to just focus on my remaining classes, work, and graduating. Howeverrrr, I SUCK AT SAYING NO because I love helping my friends. So when my beautiful friend Yanet approached me a week before a fashion show about needing a model for her dress, I just couldn't say no. For one, I wanted to help her so she wouldn't have to scramble around for another model if I turned her down. Two, it was $25 for students to get into the event and my modeling skills (or lack thereof) could get me a free entrance. And third, I dubbed Yanet my Mexican mom at school because she has never failed to help me or show her support for any of my projects and events. How COULD I say no?!

Well, I'm glad I didn't because this fashion show was by far my most favorite show I've ever participated in! The event was called the Metamorphosis Eco Fashion Event and Fundraiser, where the Las Vegas Fashion Council  raised money to benefit their organization and the Spring's Preserve here in Vegas. The event consisted of a social hour with food and drinks, a silent auction, and a fashion show featuring work from local designers and students from the Art Institute of Las Vegas.

Yanet made a few garments and picked two to showcase for the Metamorphosis show. I did a fitting with her the night before to make sure the dress fit and it fit like a glove! The dress was made from tulle, a bra, and beads that she hand sewed to the garment. It was very detailed and beautifully put together.

For the event, I called up my friend Dean Sproule, who is a graduate from Aveda Institute here in Vegas. He does GREAT hair and make-up and knew he would be awesome for the show. Yanet wanted my hair to be braided with contoured make-up, pink eye shadow, and pink lips.

Afterwards, I put on my dress and it was time for the show! Yanet also had another model, Alex, wear one of her dresses in the show. Together, we got ready and hit the runway!

The show was phenomenal! It was held at the Spring's Preserve in the garden area. It was decorated with many beautiful plants, flowers, and flying butterflies everywhere. About 250 people showed up, where they enjoyed an open bar, appetizers, and free gifts from the sponsors.

I'm SO glad I participated in this event as a model. I usually get nervous going on the runway and having everyone look at me. Lol. But this event was fun, exciting, beautifully set-up, and filled with amazing people who were a joy to work with. This was the last event of my school career that I participated in, so it was a great way to end it all.

Thank you to Yanet for asking me to be her model and creating such a beautiful garment. Thank you to Dean for doing my hair and make-up and making me feeling Elsa from Frozen. And thank you to the Las Vegas Fashion Council for allowing our students to be a part of such an amazing event !

Happy Wednesday, folks ! Xo

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Event

Ahhhh ! I can't believe it's been a while since I've written about anything fashion or beauty related on here. So sorry, my lovely readers. School has gotten the best of me and I've been super busy with work for my classes and participating in school-related events. However, I did want to take the time to write about this awesome beauty event that I went to a couple weeks ago ! One of the Ulta beauty stores here in Las Vegas hosted a Smashbox Cosmetics Photo event. To sign up, customers were to make an appointment and purchase a $25 gift card to use towards any product at the event. Participation included a free make-over by one of Ulta's SmashBox Cosmetics experts and an opportunity to take pictures in the photo booth set up with at the event.

I had a lovely make up artist named Lou Lou who was a blast to hang out with. I could tell she was very passionate about make-up and her art. It was awesome that she knew exactly what products to use on me that would compliment my skin tone. We wanted a natural look that was able to enhance my features. Below are the pictures of the products she used on my face, their prices, and the over-all finished look. Check it out!

My favorite product out of all of these is the Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. I actually ended up buying the foundation because it's just amazing ! It includes a primer formula in the foundation, is long lasting, goes on super smooth, has build able coverage, is oil-free, and doesn't have that funky smell some foundations have. Before this foundation, I was using MAC Studio Finish. As much as I love the coverage, I don't think I'll ever go back to MAC after using Smashbox's foundation. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for ! Check out for more awesome Smashbox products.

I want to thank LouLou for being such an awesome make-up artist, for sharing some laughs with me, and for taking pictures with me in the photo booth. You're a dollface! Xo


Until next time, lovebugs !


Flashback Friday: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Viewing Party

The Art Institute is really great when it comes to giving their students opportunities to network and showcase their work. Our school strives to grab opportunities for us in order to make ourselves more prepared for the "real world" aspects of our major. One event in particular happened last month, when 13 fashion design students and graduates from the Art Institute of New York City were given the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of New York fashion week. Because of the partnership between the AI and Mercedes Benz Fashion week, these 13 designers were able to design and showcase their own collections on the runway in front of the top dogs in the fashion industry. Here's the list of student and graduate designers  who were part of the show, where you can read their bios that talk about their inspirations for their collections and their favorite designers.

The whole fashion show was then live streamed to certain Art Institute campuses picked by corporate. My school here in Las Vegas was one of the lucky few that were picked, letting us have the opportunity to throw a viewing party at our school. Here's the video of the live stream we watched that happened New York:

To add some fun to our viewing party, our fashion department also decided to host our very own fashion show on campus right after the live stream. Students who wanted to participate were to style an outfit for a model inspired by one of the 13 designers featured in the fashion show in New York. I partnered with one of my friends, Gabby, and together we decided to draw inspiration from one of the designers, Angelo Rosa, who was influenced by the punk and grunge look. Gabby is an awesome model, so I was SO thrilled to have her walk our look.

For our look, she decided to use pieces from her own closet: a over sized striped shirt with a long black skirt, beanie hat, and high heeled shoes. I decided on dark, edgy make-up and to tease her hair a bit, just to finish off the look. It ended up look awesome and she really fit the style we were going for. Browse through the slideshow below to see for yourself !

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the team who helped us with our show, the stylists, the models, the crowd, and pictures of our fashion show ! Click on any picture to see it in full view.

This show was such a blast to participate in and I'm so glad our campus was chosen to be a part of the fun ! A huge thanks to Gabby for being my perfect little model. Love yah girl ! <3 Also, thank you to everyone who came out and supported our event. You all are wonderful !!!

Until next time, fashion bugs :) Xo

Bryan Yeager and His Killer Pumpkins

One of the cool things about the libraries here in Vegas is that you can always find some type of art on display in the galleries attached to the libraries. Most of the time, you can find paintings or drawings from local artist here in Vegas. However, I would have never thought I would see the awesome jack-o-lantern display carved by local artist, Bryan Yeager. This exhibit is set up at the Summerlin Library's art gallery, lit up only by Yeager's pumpkin masterpieces. Since the young age of 10 years old, this pumpkin carving artist has felt that his calling has always been to perfect his art. Looking at his work, Bryan Yeager has done just that ! Yeager's jack-o-lanterns feature images of monsters, creepy characters, and even images of Tim Burton movie character. Click to enlarge the thumbnail images below and see these spooky, but totally amazing works of art ! Shout out to my kind, helpful, and cutie of a boyfriend, Gedalya, for letting me borrow his camera phone and for taking the cool panorama shots of the display :)

Awesome, right?! My favorite ones are jack-o-lantern inspired by the painting "The Scream, and the jack-o-lantern inspired by Disney's Maleficent. Both look like the painting and Angelina Jolie. This guy's talent is top knotch ! How about you? Which one was your favorite carved masterpiece? Let me know in the comments below !

To check out more of Bryan Yeager's work, go to his website: ! Aside from his work, you can also find out more information on how YOU can create and carve your own jack-o-lantern masterpieces by becoming a member of his website. You'll gain full access to carving patterns and instruction videos on how to become a pumpkin carving artist.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy this first weekend of October ! Xo

AREAA 2014 Fashion Show

September kicked off with two major events that I was asked to be a part of. The first one was the AREAA convention where they hosted a fashion show at the Bellagio Hotel. AREAA stands for Asian Real Estate of America Association. The conventions they organize are just as big as the MAGIC convention I talked about in my previous entries. This association throws several events during their conventions all throughout the strip. They also host conventions in LA and NYC. So as you can see, this was a pretty big deal and that I was SUPER stoked ! :) My friends, Aaron, Kriscia, Yanet, Kody, and Alivya were also asked to intern for this event by one of our fashion teachers, Leah Benitez. Together as students, we were dubbed as the styling team backstage for the show. We each were assigned to work with one model, handling a range from 5-8 looks. The looks consisted of 180 pieces of clothing and accessories from Macy's and a local Las Vegas brand called Coterie. Some brands included in the show were Ryan Seacrest, Sole Society, Cole Haan, Versace, Jessica Simpson, and Calvin Klein. The five main looks and styles the models wore were:

  • Monday thru Friday - An everyday look
  • Fit/Active - Stylish active wear
  • The Weekender - The best looks to wear from day to night on the weekend
  • Out on the Town - Best outfits for a fun night out
  • Trendsetter - The most stylish looks of the season.

Here's a look at the models from Best Agency that we were able to work with. One of the original models fell ill, so she was replaced with a sweet girl named Gemma, ( unfortunately not pictured below, but pictured in the next slideshow of the event). She was the model Aaron styled for. Also, here are some pictures Chrissay took during our fitting the night before the show!:

Also, my good friend Chrissay was asked to handle all the social media aspects, giving followers a behind the scenes look at what was happening backstage through Twitter and Instagram. Here are the pictures she took backstage of the team and I during the event. Click a picture to see the full image:

This whole experience was such a blessing and it gave me a better insight on what goes into making a fashion show successful. I want to give a huge thank you to the team that was in charge of this show: Leah, Carolyn, Andrew, Neil, Vinny, and Garen. Also, I want to thank the team of models we were able to work with: Gemma, Tara, Anthony, Thomas, Catherine, and Michelle. And finally thank you to the supreme team who worked with me: Chrissay, Aaron, Kriscia, Yanet, Alivya, and Kody. WE DID IT, GUYS !

PS- Check out my sister site, NextStopHappiness written and ran by Chrissay. She also wrote about the AREAA event. Click here to read an entry she wrote about her experience at the fashion show. Also, make sure to give her some love by following her and commenting !

Until my next fashion adventure, Xo

Hottie's World

A couple weeks ago, my good friend Kriscia Garcia invited me to spend some time with her at a local boutique here in Vegas called Hottie's World. Hottie's carries women's contemporary apparel and accessories. From casual styles to sexy and sophisticated looks, Hottie's carries a plethora of fashions that can carry you from day to night. Kriscia asked me to help her out with dressing the store’s mannequins for the front window displays and dress forms. I gladly accepted and we spent the afternoon searching through the store for Hottie’s latest apparel and accessories. The theme for most of our looks were black and white. We wanted to showcase looks that show-off the trends Hottie's World carries that are fashionable for the end of Summer. Here are some of the looks that we came up with:















Aside from working on these mannequins, Kriscia also picked out some clothing and styled me for her portfolio. Check out the looks she created !

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting these outfits together with Kriscia. To check out more styles from Hottie's World, click here for store locations to shop at the nearest Hottie's World here in Vegas ! :) A BIG thank you to my beautiful friend Kriscia for letting me tag along to style these mannequins with her and play dress up ! Love you, girl. <3

MAGIC 2014: Meeting @StyleGF !

Although I've gushed a lot about how much fun we had at WWDMAGIC, we also made time to attend other shows under the MAGIC umbrella. One in particular was a show called Project. Project is an area for more contemporary fashion, brands that showcase a plethora of lifestyle destination brands all under one roof. This was probably my third time going to Project and I have to say that this was the best experience I've had so far because of this particular experience: My friends and I are were walking through the show when we found an area that had tables and computer set up. We realized that it was an area for well-known fashion bloggers who were invited to the MAGIC event. As we walked by, one of my friends, Aaron, recognized one of his favorite bloggers there, StyleGirlfriend. Since we were a bit nervous at going up to her, one of my other friends, Xiara, approached her and told her how Aaron was a fan. To my surprise, she was so sweet and very receptive to us. "StyleGirlfriend", also known as Megan Collins, was gracious enough to sit and chat with us. She asked us about our future plans and gave us advice about the business, blogging, and how to deal with haters on the internet.

Okay, I'm going to be real for a second... I had a blog before and I enjoyed writing in it very much. But then a sense of fear just kind of stabbed me, and I was scared to really put myself out there. It was then that I stopped writing. Lately, I've had some of my friends try and encourage me to get back into blogging again. I went back and forth with the idea for so long. I guess for me, I think about the major I'm in and wonder what I'm really getting myself into for the future. I mean, I've heard horror stories about how cut throat the fashion industry is. To back up these claims, I've met some really rude people that made me feel inferior, who made me feel that I wouldn't succeed in the business at all. But after my friends and I talked to Megan, we felt so empowered and very inspired. The best advice she gave us was that when it comes to blogging, there are going to be people who receive you with open arms (or should I say, open eyes), and then there will be people who don't. However, those people shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. At the end of the day, you're doing what you love for YOU and your future. This advice can be carried over to different aspects of life as well. When it comes to your passions in life, don't let anyone ever make you feel like you're not good enough to succeed. No matter what, you have to stay confident in yourself so you can live to your fullest potential. Even though the encouragement from my friends helped me re-think not blogging, hearing Megan's advice was the final push I needed. It was then that I knew for sure that I needed to start blogging again, to start doing what I love again. I'm so glad I made that decision.

And of course, we asked to take pictures with Megan, and she happily agreed !

Aaron was excited to meet StyleGirlfriend, aka Megan Collins



Also, if you haven't, check out her website: . Megan's blog caters to the male demographic who is looking for female perspectives on style, food, fitness, and travel. After meeting her, I definitely would take her advice into consideration.

We want to thank Megan for really inspiring us with her words of encouragement ! We adore you to no end, Style GF ! Stay, beautiful <3

WWDMAGIC 2014: Mo:Vint

Walking through the MAGIC show room floor is exciting because there's so much to look at. With so many vendor booths, it's advisable to walk a good pace; fast enough to not get trampled on by the crowd behind you and lose your own group, but slow enough to have your eyes soak everything in. Mesmerized by everything in sight, my friends and I continued walking through the floor when all of a sudden I heard someone say, "Oh! Students! Come check us out. Come check out our booth!" Out of the five times I've been at MAGIC, this was the first time EVER that a vendor had ever approached my friends and I to enter their booth. I looked and saw a lady who had a warm smile on her face. She gestured at my friends and I to walk closer to her. We all looked at each other and happily entered the booth together. We immediately walked over to the booth's merchandise and looked through their clothing. The lady who approached us began explaining the brand, its style of clothing, and the meaning behind its name. She even pulled aside the owner of the booth and she talked to my friends and I for a little bit, answering any questions we had.

The brand is call Mo:Vint, basically short for Modern Vintage. This New York based clothing is...well, VINTAGE, but with a MODERN twist (Hence the name). They carry women's clothing, ranging from dresses, to blouses, to sweaters, to plaids, to skirts. I'd say that the clothing definitely has vintage aspects to it, while also showcasing both feminine and edgy elements. My friends and I adored all the clothing they had on display, especially their knits!

And of course, we had to snap a pic with the owner and she was very happy to take the pic with us! photo 2 (2)

Go ahead and check out Mo:Vint's website, but I do have to warn you that the selection on their site does not compare to the collection they had at the convention. I'm hoping that since Fall is around the corner, they'll update really soon and start selling those pieces!


WWDMAGIC 2014: @KershClothing

In my last post, I wrote about how my friends and I enjoyed meeting and greeting at the booth of clothing brand, En Creme. We really weren't sure if any other booths would give us the time of day, but low and behold, we were proven wrong! As we journeyed through the show room floor, a young woman had approached us and asked if we were interested in receiving some free tote bags. We'd be dumb to say no to free stuff, so we quickly and enthusiastically said, "yes!" We all started asking her questions about the brand when the woman all of a sudden shyly whispered that it was her first day working and that she wasn't sure how to answer our questions. We respected her for her honesty and just smiled & laughed, telling her that it was no big deal. I think it was in that moment that my friends and I started to feel more confident in the convention center, realizing that we weren't the only ones who felt a bit nervous about talking with people. I think us being students comforted the worker too. We found out she was actually a student from the Los Angeles FIDM campus and we just shot questions back and forth with her. After a few moments, she grabbed one of the people who worked for the company (completely blanking on her position right now), and she explained to us exactly what their brands were all about.

The booth was at MAGIC to represent two stores: Kersh and Press. Both stores are owned by an apparel importing company based in Vancouver called International Fashions. Kersh is a California brand that is inspired by the style of the West Coast. They strive to mesh a pretty girl look with a "cool girl vibe". After looking through their collection, I'd say that their style has elements of street wear with a feminine twist. Press on the other hand, is a Canadian brand that is more about classic silhouettes and styles with a modern trendy twist. Their pieces include apparel you can wear to the office to clothing you can wear on casual days. It's shows off a great interpretation of both styles. Check out these videos for a behind the scenes look at their Autumn/Winter 2014 look book shoots:

Kersh: Press:

Eventually, we thanked our two new friends and wished our new college friend the best of luck! But of course we had to snap a pic with her and show off our new totes. Did I mention these bags were made out of recycled shirts? Awesome clothes AND environmentally friendly? Definitely an A+ in my book !

photo 1 (2)


WWDMAGIC 2014: @EnCreme

During the WWDMAGIC event, my friends and I admired all the clothing brands that filled the showroom floor. From elaborate gowns, to casual wear, we started to feel excited about the new clothes for the autumn season. However, one clothing brand just stuck out to us while wandering the floor: En Creme. En Creme is a California based junior apparel brand that strives to create garments that are simply stylish and natural. Think of Anthropologie and Free People's styles all combined into one store; Simple silhouettes with flirty & vintage elements. We entered the booth and fell in love with everything. The long sweater knits, the printed dresses, the colorful plaids... it was all gorgeous! Then, one of the workers of the booth approached us and we gushed to her about how wonderful all the clothing was. To our surprise, she received our excitement so graciously and answered any questions we had. She then told us that the company was taking pictures for a contest they were holding for the buyers, but she offered to snap a pic of our group with her Polaroid camera as a keepsake for ourselves.

En Creme

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One of the perks of being a fashion student at the Art Institute is that we get access to the biggest fashion convention ever created: MAGIC. There are many different shows at MAGIC, but one of my favorites has to be WWDMAGIC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, MAGIC is a 3 day trade show for retail owners and buyers, an event joined with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). It features over 2,000 brands in the fashion industry, ranging from emerging to well established brands. This marketing/networking event showcases brands’ new trends, along with hourly seminars on specific topics of fashion business and apparel. It’s an awesome event to go to for any fashionista, even if you’re not exactly in the business yet. (Like me!) During the event, my friends and I met some really wonderful people who didn't mind that we were just students and not buyers for stores/boutiques. Sometimes, attending events like these can be intimidating because as students, we WANT to talk to people and pick their brain. However, our enthusiasm isn't always reciprocated. Sometimes, people snub us or don't want us to go into their booths because they're strictly at the convention for business. But when we do run into people who are willing to chat with us, we are thrilled ! With that being said, for the next few posts, I will be covering some awesome moments my friends and I had during attendance of this event. The shows, the people, the advice, the knowledge, and the good fun we had will be free for you to read on my blog. But first, I'll start off this series by posting some personal pictures of my friends and I. Without them, this whole experience would have been a complete dud. Thanks, lovelies <3