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Faithfully Honest: Don't Worry

Growing up, I was taught that in order to have a successful life, I needed to make sure the path I paved as a child and as a teenager would determine how I would live as an adult. To be honest, did I pave the right path? Did I put in enough effort to set myself up for success? In full honesty, no...

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Faithfully Honest: Follow Your Dreams

I remember the moment like it was just yesterday. My mom and I were driving down the freeway as the beautiful sun shined through the car windows. I was driving and she was in the front seat. We were on our way to the beach and we just finished discussing the sermon at her church, a message about faith and how to trust God in all circumstances. The conversation then led my mom to reveal a story about herself that I never knew, a story that really gave me a glimpse of her life journey...

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Faithfully Honest: Don't Let Your Faith Be Shaken

The past few weeks have been crazy busy for me (I feel like all I talk about in my posts lately are how busy I am. LOL). With graduation around the corner, attending classes and being a working girl, my schedule is chalk full of things to do and places to be. Although I would rather be busy than be doing nothing at all, it can get too much sometimes...

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