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Steer & Stare

Growing up, I always had the ability to look on the brighter side of things. I didn't know why, I didn't know how, I was just wired to be that way. Some of my friends would always ask me why I'm so positive, or how I could overcome negative situations so easily. The truth was, I had no idea why. I tried to figure it out, but  that's just how I'm made. However, I did realize this: Having the strength to look at things more positively shifts the course of my life...

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Learning Lessons of 2014

Hi, all ! I'm so sorry that I haven't written in a couple weeks ! I'm sure that you can all relate when I say that the holiday season is one of the best and busiest times of the year. I've recently finished my final exams for school and took some much needed time off for myself. I spent it catching up on sleep and some one on one time with the ones I adore and love. However, with today being the last day of the year, I wanted to write ONE last post for you all...

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