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Fashion Favorites: Patty's Closet

You all know that I love dresses ! Short dresses, long dresses, floral dresses, colored dresses... you name it. So when I saw this black and white striped maxi dress over at Patty's Closet, I just knew I had to try it on. I usually don't wear stripes because one, black and white stripes remind me of Beetlejuice. Two, if you have a curvy figure, it can accentuate your figure even more, and sometimes in a bad way! Although I love my body, sometimes I get a bit skeptical to wear anything that shows off how curvy I really am. Since I'm so short and I wear flowy tops/dresses a majority of the time, some people think I'm stick thin, when in all actuality that's not the case. LOL. I'm not fat or too skinny, but just right in the middle of the two. Still, a girl can't help feel a bit self conscious...

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Style Spotlight: Habebah Abdulrahim

Although I'm a fashion major, people tend to make the assumption that I'm automatically in fashion design. The sad truth is, I am not much of a drawer. I took a fashion sketching class at the Art Institute and I absolutely dreaded it. However, it was so much fun to see other people's work, other people who could actually draw and design. One lady who took that class with me was my friend, Habebah...

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