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Lately, I’ve been having really bad issues with my skin and have been trying to get into “cleaner” products with great ingredients in them. I feel like I have to unlearn bad skin knowledge and replace it with information that allows me to learn more about my skin and the best ways to take care of it.

Growing up, I had really bad acne and was always taught really strong products were the cure. Skin care with harsh ingredients did actually help my skin a bit, but now as an adult, my skin isn’t responding as well to some of the products I use. When it comes to make-up, I am used to full coverage EVERYTHING because I am so insecure of how flaw-full my skin looks.

I keep reminding myself that the more products I use, the more it clogs up my skin, so going light and natural is the best way to go. Luckily, there are so many conscious and natural filled products out on the market and getting to try them has been such an adventure of self-love, reminding myself that less is more and to focus on allowing my natural beauty to shine, instead of trying to cake on a “natural” glow with concealer and highlighter.

Trying The Organic Skin Co. (TOSC) line has been such a game changer for me recently. Just a few quick details about the brand:

  • Ethics is what drives the company.
    They care about what ingredients are used in their lines to make sure the consumer receives high quality natural skin care and beauty products. TOSC makes sure all the oils used in their products have been super-critically extracted, meaning oils are extracted from plants in cleanest, purest ways and forms.

  • They are BioGro approved.

    This guarantees that the brand uses at least 70% of organic ingredients in their products.

  • They care about animals.
    A plus is that their products have never been tested on animals.

  • Their products are vegan and gluten-free.

    Certified by the UK Vegan Society, consumers can rest on the fact that the brand has created all vegan products.

Take a look at some of the products I’ve been using from the line, a peek at my full-face product look and how to purchase at the bottom of the post!


8 Palette with Pods


This palette is meant for any customer to create their ideal palette using the brand’s pods. Choices range from natural cheek and lip creams, cream eye shadows, concealers, and luminizers.

I filled my buildable palette with:



Lip Service in “Terra”


This product comes in 12 shades, all made with calendula and rosemary oils to help moisturize the lips and protect them against harsh environmental elements. The consistency of this product is light, pretty similar to a really luxurious lip balm! The color for the Terra is a shade darker than what my natural lip color is, so I had to build up the color on my lips quite a bit so it could show.



Cheeky Lips in “Petal Power”


I love this all in one product! I many use this for my cheeks because I have the Lip Service already, but I still love it because I only need 1 or 2 swipes of this on my cheeks to add a nice blushing glow!

The product comes in 7 colors and I can contest that they are more long lasting than blush powder that I usually use from Too-Faced. It also includes Pomegranate and Rosemary supercritical extracts, which helps with skin regeneration and skin elasticity, and helping product against breakouts. Lastly, there is Castor see oil, which helps with skin inflammations and protecting against other outside elements that can be harmful to the skin.


In the Spotlight Luminizer in “Lunar”


One of my favorite products to test out are highlighters/luminizers! I love adding shimmer and glow to my skin, but I have to be really careful with them because I have oily skin. Sometimes, I can get too excited about highlighters and it ends up adding too much to much glow to skin that I just look shiny! Haha!

I love this product though! Versus a powder highlighter where I typically use a brush for application, I use my fingers. It gives me better control of how much shine I want to add and where. I normally gravitate towards a tan or rose gold luminizer (which the brand does sell a Rose Gold colored one!), but I opted for this color. I noticed it gives me a more natural glow because there isn’t a lot of color on it. I love it!


All About The Gloss in “Starburst”


I’m usually not one to wear lip gloss, but I really like this product! I match it with the Lip Service in “Terra” to add some more shine to my lips. I think this color is super versatile, so I could add it on top of other lip sticks I have too.

This product is available in 4 natural shades and has calendula supercritical extract and other organic oils.


Daily Rituals Orange and Rosehip Moisturizer


This product is has a combination of organic seabuckthorn, licorice, and 5 supercritical extracts to help keep skin feeling moisturized and luxurious all day long. I’ve only used the product twice or so, so I can’t fully say how well it works. However, I promise I’ll do an update posts on my Instagram once I use it for 2 weeks straight. That will give me enough time to really give you guys enough feedback!


The Overall Look


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