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Lately, I’ve been using backpacks as a purse, which is super odd considering I generally am a “purse” type of person. I think this transition happened when I realized I walked into work one day carrying a purse, my computer bag and a lunch bag and someone made a comment that I looked like a teacher with all my bags. LOL. I lived my life this way for years though, bringing many bags to wherever I was going just because I couldn’t find an all-in-one type bag for myself that made me feel comfortable enough to use. Also, I wanted to find something stylish and versatile enough to use every day.

American Shield has amazing backpacks and I was able to get my hands on one of their bags from the Granite 25 collection. What I love about this is that it fits every thing I need:

  • My 15 inch Macbook

  • Computer charger cords

  • Computer mouse

  • Phone charger

  • My Konfigur purse (Still carrying a lot of bags, but at least I can fit my smaller purse into my new backpack purse lol!)

  • My water bottle

  • My reading book

  • My cell phone

  • My batter charger/light

  • Snacks for work


What’s really great too is that the straps are adjustable and comfortable. What I find with a lot of stylish backpacks is that they don’t have enough support that it ends up hurting my back. With this backpack, I don’t have that issue which is great, especially since I carry quite a few things in my bag.


There’s a few different features of this bag that I really love!

First thing is the style! I love the double straps and the magnetic closures. I also love that the main opening/closure of the bag is a drawstring feature instead of a zipper. I find that this allows me to fit more things in my bag versus other backpacks I currently have. I love that my computer also fits snuggly into the bag and I don’t have to worry about any damage happening to it as I transport it around. The last thing I really like is the color. Although this style bag comes in 4 colors, I picked the black and brown colors as I found it would match with most of the color scheme in my wardrobe.


Check out more from American Shield here and browse through their Granite 25 bags and other great quality series of backpacks!

What do you think: Are you more of a backpack person, or do you prefer bringing around a purse and laptop bag in separate bags?

Let me know in the comments below!


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